Essential Benefits of Microservice Architecture

Microservice Architecture

Microservices have been allowed for a short time and yet have started gaining popularity within the continuously deployed systems. You will find that most of the giant webs like Netflix, Amazon, Twitter, PayPal, and many others have already adopted the microservice architecture successfully.

So, while following their steps, there are some other companies that have started working on microservice architecture. The main objective is what makes microservice architecture special. Do you think whether microservice have any business benefits? Here are the benefits of getting microservices development solutions by Divante:

  • Organized around business capabilities

The benefit of microservices is that they allow building products and not projects. It, therefore, means that microservices architectures will invite teams so that they focus on business building functionality and not writing the glue code.

These development teams will be organized around business capabilities but not technologies. It, therefore, means services are always adapted for use in multiple contexts.

On the other hand, these same services are reused in various business premises depending on needs. So, each member of the team will be responsible for a specific service that results in building a smart and cross-functional team.

  • Easy to build and also maintain

The other vital benefit of these microservices is their simplicity. The apps are easier to maintain or build as long as they are split into smaller sets that compose fragments. For you to manage the codes, it will also become less painful due to the fact that each of the microservice has a separate chunk of code.

So, services can, therefore, be implemented with various programming languages, software and databases environments. It will allow each of the service to be deployed, redeploy, rebuild and manage independently.

You should also know that any problem with microservice will not be able to influence the whole system and therefore with failure of individual services will be compensated quickly. It will also allow putting microservice into the production each at a time easily.

  • Improving productivity and speed

The other benefit of microservices architecture is that they tackle productivity problem and speed through the decomposition of applications into the manageable services which can be developed faster.

The different teams can, therefore, work on different components at the same time and not waiting for the other team to finish. Moreover, this kind of architecture is handy for speeding up the quality assurances because each is tested individually. So, it is easy to test the components that are already developed as the programs continue to work on the others.

Final words

The essential thing that you realize with microservices is that they offer you a unique type of modularization. So, they help in making bigger solutions much easier and therefore increasing productivity, offering flexibility in selecting technologies and greater for distributed teams. So, it will be you who will choose the kind of architecture you need for use in your next project. So, with your large project, you can scale the solution so that you can update separate parts of your system.

Image credit: Microservice Architecture via Phongphan/Shutterstock