ESocialwiz Review – A Fresh Social Media Management Tool for Professionals

ESocialwiz Review – A Fresh Social Media Management Tool for Professionals

Esocialwiz is new social media management tool that I have recently started using. At first, I thought it was just another social media tool like many others for ex – Hootsuite, Buffer, Co-schedule, etc. But after using it for few days, I have completely fallen in love with it. Why?

Let me take you to its straightforward and clean interface where you can understand the tool quickly.


The above screenshot is from dashboard where you can see all the connected social accounts in the right sidebar and my scheduled content on the left. Every scheduled content is displayed with time, social networks it will be shared with, and cancel/edit icons.

After sending those tweets, LinkedIn and Pinterest update I can see the statistics of how did the link performed. And in the screenshot below you see that which is my most successful content, these metrics was taken four days after I scheduled the posts.

successful post on twitter

The Scheduler

Scheduler from ESocialwiz works like a charm. For the first time you have the step by step instructions via modal windows on screen that will guide you how can you use it.

It makes it too easy to make and schedule your posts from the dashboard and you will be happy to see the engagement going up and up in you social media marketing accounts due to scheduling your work at regular intervals.

There are some tabs and options in the Scheduler menu, the Future tab will showcase all the scheduled posts your account will shoot in social media accounts, from here you can remove or amend any item as you change your mind.

The next tab is for past messages and favorite messages that you have selected. The filter option will let you make see a particular account and posts from it, a handy way to showcase what will be published in a particular account.

Visual composer

The best thing about Esocialwiz that I like the most is the visual composer, let have a look what does it have to offer you.

visual composer

In the above screenshot you can see different sizes and image templates you can create with the visual composer, which makes me wonder, do I need any graphic design software now to make my social media images? I generally use Photoshop and Canva, in which I first have to make an image then download it and then upload it to a social media scheduler, but now all these above steps can be done by ESocialwiz.

template from visual composer

In the above screenshot, you will see how easy it gets to change make a funny post image and write on it. These days you see lots of memes being shared as they have high engagement ratio. So, if I use ESocialwiz to make memes it will be much faster for me to make and share images and I can always use the Scheduler from the previous point to fill my entire week’s social media posts. Isn’t that easy and fun?

Social Streams

If you want to see what’s up with your social media profiles and the recent posts or feeds that you have in Public, then social streams menu will help you out. I have used Hootsuite before for this streaming, and I am surprised that ESocialwiz does the same thing with lots of more options like creating and designing the social posts and also scheduling them.

social streams

That means another feature that I regularly use on social media sites but now I can do it right from the ESocialwiz account without wasting my time going to each, and every social media account in different tabs.

Last but not the least you can also view stats from another dedicated menu option in ESocialwiz, that makes it possible to see what has worked for you in past scheduling and which is the best time to make posts on your social media profiles.

best times and stats

More premium features that made me finalize ESocialwiz

  • They allow adding unlimited social media accounts which you don’t find in other competitors, and this is the one reason, I have chosen this social media tool for my professional business.
  • With more than a million stock images you can literally boost your social media messages with professional graphics. All the images provided by ESocialwiz are free of cost, and you can use them any way you want.
  • Last but not the least they have another valuable feature of finding relevant content from Facebook, YouTube, RSS Feeds for viral sites and content, which is regularly updated and really helpful to curate in your social accounts. What more can you ask for from this great tool.


If you are looking for a single platform that can provide you increase in social media engagements than I would recommend you to use ESocialwiz, the options and features will surely surprise you and you will definitely fall in love with it instantly. It’s not free, but you can use their trial offer to look and feel the real system. We will back with more social media tools in future, so stay tuned in and keep sharing.

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