Electromagnetic radiations have many long term and short term side-effects which include headaches, dizziness, Nausea and Fatigue, low sperm count, development disorders in the pregnant women, High-stress levels and risk to heart like Tachycardia, Cancers –Brain tumor and Glioma. Countless studies have proved that radiations emitted from the mobile phones and the cell phone towers are adversely affecting the normal biological processes.

Environics Ltd is the company headquartered in Gurgaon, India. The company has been studying the effects of radiations on the human body so as to develop the solutions to prevent the harmful effects posed by these radiations on the human body. As a result of extensive researches, the company has developed a product which can change the nature of the radiations thus reducing the harmful effects of them.

The Envirochip protects the human body from the radiation emitted from mobiles phones, laptop, Tablets, PCs Wi-Fi routers etc. The chip is a result of 25 years of research, and the results were checked by more than 1800 establishments where it was implemented. Most of the results were positive like improved well being, improved interpersonal relationships and better health. To increase the productivity of the employees, many organizations are giving it to their staff as a corporate gift. The company has launched Envirochip for Mobile, tablet PC, laptop, Desktop PC, and Wi-Fi router.

The chip alters the nature of EMF (Electromagnetic Field) radiation emitted by any device to neutralize it so as to reduce the harmful effects on the human body. Most of the devices, we are surrounded constantly emit radiations. The envirochip changes the constant waves into random waves because our body can handle the random waves easily. The envirochip has been extensively tested by reputed medical institutions of India along with the lab in the UK. To reduce the radiation you just have to fix the chip on the back side of the mobile, on the top and bottom face of the laptop, on the back of your Wi-Fi router, on the back of the monitor and on the top of the CPU.

The chip doesn’t have an intricate circuit inside; rather it is made up of specially formulated software and material which neutralizes the radiations emanating from the electronic devices which you spent a lot of time with. The functioning of the chip is not visible, but the researches are indicating the positive impact of the chip on the human body. Various tests were performed to ensure the beneficial effects of the Envirochip. One test was conducted in Max hospital, New Delhi where it showed the significant reduction of 4-6% in the pulse rate of the people who had it more than 82. Another test was conducted on the employees of one call centre in Noida, and the Envirochip successfully improved the pulse rate of the employees who participated in the test. Reduction in the pulse rate is directly associated with the lesser stress on the human body which means a longer and healthier lifespan. All these studies indicate that Envirochip is one of the best inventions to save the human bodies from the harmful effects of the emanating radiations from the electronic devices.

Image Credits: Envirochip from TATSIANAMA /Shutterstock