Entertainment Activities to Enjoy in India for Both Visitors and People Living in India

Entertainment forms a big part of India’s culture and lifestyle as the country has a bustling cultural scene. With the second largest population of about 1.3 billion people, India has a robust culture and one of the oldest.

Regions in the country have distinct cultures, making it a unique people. The mixture of different traditions in one community is a rare happening. Some of the aspects that set the Indian culture apart are language, dressing, food, arts, and music, among others. All these offer a vibrant cultural scene in Indian, providing plenty of entertainment activities for those living and visiting the country.

Classical Indian dance and music, art exhibitions, theatre production, and Bollywood movies are significant engagements in India.  

Cinema Joints

Cinemas in India spread wide from small local theatres and art centers to national chain multiplexes in malls. Though most films are screened in Indian languages like Hindi, they have subtitles in English. There are, however, mainstream Hollywood movies.

Big national chains include BIG Cinemas, Priya Village Roadshow (PVR), and Cinemax.

Music and Dance

Indians believe that dance was invented by the gods, making it a sacred activity. Music and dance therefore form an essential part of the Indian culture and lifestyle. Indian classical dance and music performances are, therefore, is a common phenomenon in the cities through the seasons.

Between November to January, Chennai December Season stages about 2,500 dance performances and music concerts for South Indian Carnatic music. Kolkata showcases the Dover Lane Music Conference known as North Indian classical (Hindustani) music.

Include a visit to the two large art centers in your itinerary as they present dance and classical music, as well as film screenings and theatre. These are the National Center for Performing Arts in Mumbai and the India International Center in New Delhi.

You will enjoy music and dance, which forms a significant part of the Indian lifestyle.

Art Galleries

Indian art captivates people from all over the world as the contemporary scene is eclectic. The NGMA (National Gallery for Modern Art) features works of the most celebrated artists in India dating back from the 18 century. NGMA has branches in Mumbai, Bangalore, and New Delhi.

The art forms in India include sculpture, painting, textile arts like woven silk and pottery. Besides sculpture, architecture, and painting, India is rich in crafts like silver, goldwork, among other precious metalwork. Weaving, designing artifacts like toys, jewelry, and paper art are also standard art features in the Indian culture. This wealth of ingenuity and talent today is evident in some of the world’s leading graphic designers and most innovative computer software developers.

Online Gaming

Sikkim was the first Indian state to authorize online gaming, and several others followed suit. Today, casinos and gambling are legal in many parts of the country. Indian online casino marks a popular entertainment activity all over India.

Gambling also forms an integral part of the Indian culture as it traces back to an activity that Indian gods undertook. Besides presenting a chance for you to become the next lottery millionaire, online gaming is an excellent entertainment option to have fun and make friends in India.


Prithvi Theatre in the Suburbs of Mumbai is one of the largest and stages plays in English and Hindi regularly. You can also visit Bangalore’s Ranga Shankara for plays in English, Kannada, and Hindi.

Depending on your itinerary, you can find time to check-in theatres in the big cities for a treat to regularly staged plays.

Cultural Organizations

Alliance Francaise and Goethe institute is one of the venues known for hosting plays, exhibitions, concerts, and book reading in India. Though they promote the French and German cultures, respectively, these venues host many Indian events that display the rich Asian culture.

The Habitat Centre in New Delhi has food and film events. The exhibitions treat both locals and visitors to authentic Asian entertainment that is rich in culture. You will enjoy the food, shows, and events that display the unique historical happenings in India. If you are visiting India, you will also get a chance to buy artifacts and increase your souvenir collection.

In Conclusion

India texts describe the creation and destruction of the earth by gods in terms of dance. If you are visiting India for a few days, experiencing everything is impossible. Rest assured that the country has multiple entertainment options. From the tantalizing cuisines to distinct music and dance culture, Asians know how to live the width of life.

Besides learning more about the Indian culture, you will sharpen your online gaming techniques as the country is known for the love of gambling. Remember to indulge responsibly in whatever you choose to do in India.

Image Credit: Indians via Murgermari/Shutterstock