Emails to Phone : How to Create and Send

Emails to Phone ….. how to send email from computer as an sms to a phone number can be a tricky one. But let us understand this in a very easy to do manner. Start by entering recipient’s phone number and carrier’s email code in the “To” text field of email service and now type in a message. That’s all.

Now, let’s understand in a step wise manner. Keep in mind that carriers only support email texts of 160 characters or fewer, and many of the carriers don’t support texts with image.

The process is divided into two main sub processes;

  • Finding the Address
  • Sending the Message

Emails to Phone : Finding the Address

Open a website named Email2SMS . Go to in system’s web browser. Use the site to access the carrier email code to be used at the end of the recipient’s email address.

Scroll down to “Search the list” section. Get it near the top of the page.

Tap “Country” drop-down box. It is placed on the left side of the “Search the list” section.

Select the country. Scroll down to find country’s name, to click the name for selecting it.

Click the “Carrier” text box. Placed to the right of the “Country” text box is the carrier box.

Enter a carrier name. Type in the name of recipient’s carrier. In case of recipient using a Sprint phone, try to type in sprint here. There is no need use capital letters for the carrier’s name, but do use punctuation and proper spelling like, type in t-mobile instead of tmobile.

Review the “Gateway” result. The address in the “number@address” section is the address to use while entering recipient’s address. Scroll down to check the “Gateway” result. You may have several different options pertaining to subcategories of a carrier. The options will generally have the same address.

Emails to Phone : Sending the Message

Open email program or website. Send email messages to cell phones by all the email apps or sites, like Outlook, Gmail, or Yahoo.

Open a new email message. Tap Compose, New, or + icon to attempt do so. A new message window or page will pop up.

Address the recipient in the “To:” field. Type mobile phone number without the country code or any required punctuation followed by the carrier’s mobile email domain. try to use or email the U.S. number (123) 456-7890 using Verizon, for this address the message to Add a subject in the “Subject” line which may be unnecessary, and may not be supported by recipient’s carrier.

Enter message. Type in the text message to be send in the main text area of the message window. Remember, the text message must be at or below 160 characters in length.

Send the message. Click the Send icon to do so. The recipient should receive the email message after a few moments of sending in the messaging app.

While sending more than 160 characters in single go, many of the carriers will deliver the message in parts as two or more separate messages, whereas other carriers simply will not deliver text after the 160th character.