Email Signature Best Practices?

Email Signature

It is impressive how many emails are sent by people around the globe each day. No wonder why email remains one of the most popular channels for business communication.

Even now, when there are so many social networks and other means of communication, email is widely used by entrepreneurs and marketers to increase sales and strengthen their strategies.

Best Email Signature Practices

We believe that the best email signature practice is actually to create one for your business. Unfortunately, many email users still doubt its importance. However, if you are not one of them, and you realize the huge potential of this element, below we have provided the top practices you can rely on when designing your own email signature.

1. Make sure itís mobile friendly

Over 50% of your emails are viewed from the mobile devices. Imagine how many prospects you can lose if these people wonít see your email signature!

Donít hesitate to optimize your signature for mobile devices and your chances of success will get much higher!

2. Focus on your brand

An email signature should be a reflection of your brand and business. To make a good visual presentation of your company, consider using the key elements of your business identity. For example, you can attach a logo and brandís colors in your design.

3. Make sure you promote your website

You are not taking the best use of your email signature if you donít use it to promote your companyís blog or website. By sharing a few links, you can get lots of free traffic with almost no effort. Donít miss out on this great opportunity!

4. Tell about the free features you have

If your company has a free feature or tool that your audience might be interested in, feel free to let them know about it! This is a good way to let them try your product, engage recipients, and turn them into your loyal customers. Remember that every customer loves to get something for free. This increases their interest in your business.

5. Promote your products

Make sure you donít just tell but show what your company has to offer. To do this, you can include the links to some of your products or add a promotional banner under your signature.

6. DO add links to social media

Social media channels have long become integral elements of every marketing campaign. Social media gives us a possibility to increase the brandís recognition, promote our products, and attract new customers. Thus, it should also be a part of your email marketing strategy!

Provide links to your companyís accounts in social media and encourage your audience to check them. This gives you a possibility to tell your audience more about who you are and also get more active subscribers.

7. Add a professional photo

Make your email signature look professional by adding your photo. This will help your recipients see how you look like and create trusted relationships with your prospects.

Why is it important? If your prospects see your photo with every message they receive, it helps you create a feeling of a real, face-to-face dialogue. Your audience unconsciously starts trusting you more and becomes more open to the further conversation.

Customers love to see that there are real people behind big companies. Use this fact to your benefit, and you will succeed!

8. Let your audience know you

Although it is obvious, we thought we need to give you a quick reminder on this. The main purpose of every email signature is to introduce you and your business to the people, who are not familiar with you yet. Here are some of the basic details you should provide:

  • Full name;
  • Company name and your position;
  • Several contact options (for example, phone number, email address, and Skype).

Additionally, you can provide other useful information such as the companyís special offers, website, social media links, information about the services or products you have.

9. Feature useful tools

You can feature any tools that you think will come in handy to your audience. One of the best email signature practices implies featuring an automated meeting scheduler. This tool will allow your recipients to arrange a business meeting with you if they need this. The date and time they choose will be automatically synchronized with your calendar, so you can easily keep track of the planned meetings.

10. Share a success story

If you are wondering how to increase the interest of your audience and make them more engaged, try sharing an impressive success story of your employees or customers. This will definitely leave a lasting impression about you.

11. Share feedback

The easiest way to ensure your prospects of the high quality and usefulness of your service or product is to show them positive comments from your current customers. Include a few feedback examples to your email signature to show your audience how much your clients love your products.

12. Add a video to increase audience engagement

A video is one of the most influential forms of content when it comes to making personal connections, so why not use it when sending emails? Establishing living human relationships with plain text is hard. However, if the recipient can see to whom he is talking to and learn more about this person, his trust and loyalty will increase.

13. Invite your audience to an event

If you need to increase registration rates and the number of attendees for an upcoming event, the fastest and easiest way to spread information is to include a call to action in every email you send.

14. Unique design

Want to drive attention to your company? The smartest way to do this is to create a killer email signature design that highlights your strengths, shows the corporate style, and captures the attention from the very first sight.

Your goal is to create a consistent, clear, and yet unique and eye-catchy design. With its help, you will get a whole bunch of benefits and make a good impression on your potential customers.

Image Credits: Email Signature from Undrey /Shutterstock