Top 4 Avoidable Email Marketing Strategy Mistakes

When it comes to email marketing, most of the small businesses miss essential things. These are the mistakes that lead to ineffective campaigns and most of the times the emails don’t get opened, read and even clicked on.

To develop a great roadmap for email marketing, we have prepared a list of mistakes that you shouldn’t make and best practices to follow for efficient email marketing strategy.

Mistake #1 – Sending Irregular Email without any strategy

Most of the content marketers have automated welcome email that is sent to new subscribers. After that, they rarely send any email to their subscribers or don’t send at all. Emails are still one of the important marketing tools to keep your customer informed about your company and product.

Best Practice –
The marketers should develop a strategy to regulate email delivery at specified interval of time. Sending great content to your customers builds trust and bonding with them.
This helps in company retention rate of the company. Daily or weekly offers, blog posts, contests, etc. are just a few things a company can do to engage its customers.

Mistake #2 – Fear of Unsubscribers list

In the case of customers start unsubscribing your list, marketers should not panic and get worried. There are many reasons which make people unsubscribe from your list.

Best Practice –
It is better to lose subscribers who do not fit with your list. The reason for this statement is that this saves time, money and energy. You can also turn off unsubscribe notification. Without these notifications, you will feel more positive.

Mistake #3 – Over-Promotion or Under Promotion

One thing should always be kept in mind the subscriber’s shouldn’t get bombarded with promotional emails. This annoys them which would result in it less sale. Another thing to remember is that relevant offers should regularly be sent otherwise it leaves a negative impression on the subscriber.

Best Practice
While planning email marketing campaign, the marketers should try to make a balance of publishing great content and giving relevant offers.
They can set a weekly calendar with specific emails type sent on different days.

Mistake #4 – Emails not compatible with Mobile devices

It has been found that 65 percentage of emails are viewed on smartphones and tablets. You must be aware of email templates to follow which are mobile friendly. Your mobile users will define the success of your campaign.

Best Practice –
Best email template must be single column and have clickable links. Testing should be done on mobile before sending emails.

These major mistakes and best practices are necessary to be kept in mind planning content marketing strategy and creating effective email campaigns. Taking the points mentioned into consideration, you can draft efficient emails which will build a stronger relationship between you and your subscribers. It will further increase your confidence and this will surely reflect on open rate, clicks on the call to action button, etc.

Try these tips and let us know if they helped you in your email marketing strategy. Don’t forget to mention your reviews and suggestions in the comment section.