Effective Ways of Using Your Apple Watch Series 5

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 Online casino games often have tips and tricks to get the fullest out of your game. The same applies to these new digital devices.

 Digital devices these days always come with those unique features to help differentiate them from the rest. Did you know the Apple Watch Series 5 has quite a lot of these unique features?

You might have been using your watch for a while and have real money online slots app. But, here are some tips and tricks of making the fullest out of your Apple Watch Series 5.

You Can Use It to Track your iPhone

We know how frustrating it can get trying to your phone. Maybe you might actually be late for work or an event and you are a mess.

Wee, your Apple Watch can help set off an alarm like sound. Due to the very high volume, you can easily locate your phone in the house and get going.

Use Your Palm Instantly Mute Off Notifications

Things can get pretty awkward and uncomfortable when you Apple Watch decides to go off in the middle of a very important meeting.

Therefore, you can just tap on the screen with your palm to silence. Also, this can be useful in the case that an inappropriate message pops up. You can easily just tap it off until you are in a private space.

 How to Take a ScreenShot

Maybe you have tried to take a screenshot on your apple watch. However, all efforts seem to be in vain? Well, maybe it is because you have not enabled the option and online gambling south Africa app.

 Hence, go to the general option, you will find the Enable Screenshots option. Click on the option and press the digital crown and side button at the same time. There will be a flash on your screen to show that the screenshot has been taken.


Always make sure you try to know the functions of your digital device. You never know, you might actually be sitting on a gold mine.