Easily Brighten Up Your Ride with a Safety Light Up Whip

Brighten Up

Light up whips are a great way to add some colour to your ride when heading out for some night-time 4WDing fun in the bush.

These safety antennas, which are meant to keep your vehicle visible to others, come in a variety of different colour options. Lets look at a few of these options, so you can figure out whats best for your vehicle.

First, lets look at the light up whip construction. Its main component is a long fibreglass or polycarbonate tube which comes in various lengths depending on application and vehicle dimensions. The tube can either be straight or spiral-shaped. One of the main differences in the shapes is the number of LEDs the tube contains with the spiral shape containing more whilst looking more awesome too.

Second, light up whips come in two colour styles single or multi-colour. The single-colour whips are a bit bland, but get the job done by letting others know where your vehicle is and by being the best option for the job site. The multi-colour ones are quite a bit flashier and often allow you to control them with the use of a remote control or with Bluetooth through an app on your phone. With this style, you can alternate colours and flash them for a more fun, sophisticated effect.

In addition, the top of most light up whips has points to attach a flag. This can be a standard safety flag or a customised flag giving you yet another way to make your ride stand apart.

Now that youve got an idea of what colour style light up whip you might want, lets look at some of the different mounting options.

The easiest mounting option is a quick-release option which allows you to attach and detach your whip without having to wire it in every time. The more labor-intensive option is the fixed bolt-on. With this option, the whip is hardwired to the battery and is permanently affixed to the vehicle. This is great for vehicles that never leave the work site. It doesnt matter which combination of options you choose for your light up whip, you will be increasing the visibility of your vehicle so it can be seen even through hilly or rugged terrain, helping you to avoid collisions and to stay safe.