Don’t Be Mistaken For A Newbie In Any Casino (Even If It’s Your First Visit)

newbie in casino

Been cooped up at home binging on those cult-classic casino movies like 21, Ocean’s Eleven, Casino, Rounders? Who could blame you? They are ever so exciting, regardless of the number of times you’ve seen them. That out of the way, there is, unfortunately, only so many times that you can watch your favorites before you develop the urge to hit the casinos yourself. However, there is only one problem.

You’ve never been, don’t know how to act, don’t know what to wear, heck, you might not even know where to start. That’s okay because you’re getting ready to learn!

Come Dressed To Play

If you do a little bit of research on most casinos, you’ll quickly discover that the dress codes vary from establishment to establishment. However, most casinos really aren’t going to complain or kick you out based on what you’re wearing unless it is just something that is way out of taste. They might not even kick you out for donning flip flops, shorts, and a tank top, but this would simply be bad taste. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to go out and drop hundreds of dollars renting or buying a tux. No, just throw on your Sunday best, particularly black or dark colors will usually work better. Jeans, boots, and a collard shirt are enough to please most people.

Know Your Stuff

It doesn’t matter how well dressed you are if you don’t know how to act the part, you are going to come off as a newbie. Now, you might think that being able to play mobile blackjack on quality sites like judi online constitutes for being prepared, but this is not entirely the case. It really couldn’t be further from the truth. Sure, playing mobile games is a great way to learn the rules of the game itself, but most tables have their own set of unique rules and etiquette that must be followed at all times. Some of it is common sense like treating the staff with respect and providing adequate arm and legroom for other patrons. Study up on these rules and you’ll not only have a more pleasurable time, but you’ll never get spotted as a new goer.

Treat The Dealer Right

Speaking of treating the staff right, the dealer is where you’ll want to start. While you were indulging in those casino-based movies it is likely that you saw players haggling the dealer, giving him or her a hard time. This is just one of the many misconceptions floating around in the casino world. You’ll never want to take your problems out on the dealer or treat them with disrespect. These individuals have no control over the way the cards fall. They are there just to do a job.

Prepare And Stay To A Budget

This is perhaps the most important of all. Most experienced casino-goers like to set an amount that they feel comfortable losing before they even step foot into a casino. This is known as a bankroll and it’ll give you the benefit of knowing where and how you can spend your money. Never get contemplating the decision on casino grounds.