Do Specialty SEO Firms Provide A Marketing Advantage?


In todayís digital marketplace, businesses canít survive without a strong SEO strategy, and itís almost always a good idea to outsource marketing and SEO rather than keeping it inhouse Ė the field is just too complicated these days. But while most businesses recognize the advantages of having expert assistance with their SEO, there are still some aspects that are up for debate, with one particular hot button issue. Should businesses opt for a specialty SEO firm when choosing a marketing team, or is a generalist a better bet for attracting a broad following? The answer depends on a number of factors, but in most cases a specialty SEO firm will serve businesses best.

They Share Basic Knowledge

When you opt for a specialty SEO firm instead of a generalist, youíre not sacrificing anything because both firms share a baseline knowledge. All SEO firms understand the principles of lead generation, are up to date on changing search standards and algorithm updates, and know how to use data to drive conversion. What specialty firms have that general SEO firms donít, though, is the insider knowledge of a given industry, whether itís medicine, law, manufacturing, or something else entirely.

They Promise Exclusive Access

Some businesses are hesitant to embrace specialty SEO because they worry that theyíll be competing against their firmís other clients Ė but it wouldnít be good for those specialists to sacrifice one clientís performance to serve another. Instead, specialty SEO firms not only demonstrate top rankings on difficult keywords, but are also committed to market exclusivity for local businesses. Generalists, who deal with such a wide variety of businesses are far less likely to offer this assurance, so clients may actually end up competing against each other using identical strategies.

They Know The Industry Trends

Perhaps the most important reason to choose a specialty SEO firm over a generalist is because of their unique industry knowledge. When businesses opt for a generalist firm rather than a specialist, they tend to end up with the same content over and over again, material thatís nonspecific and lacks the depth to perform well and attract the best clients. Specialty SEO firms, on the other hand, are up to date on recent innovations and trends as well as what local search terms will appeal to your market. As specialists, they have the time to commit to learning industry-specific language and to study changes to the field.

Consumers Are Smarter Ė And So Are Specialists

In the fields with the most SEO specialists, like medicine and law, consumers are savvy and they hold their service providers to a higher standard, which is why subpar content and SEO just wonít do. If clients see low-quality writing or content that lacks depth, poor web design, or other features that suggest a business isnít invested in how they present their service, theyíre not going to patronize that company Ė theyíll go elsewhere. Businesses that hire generalists in delicate fields are wasting their money on a service that will drive clients away, rather than encourages them to connect.

To say that generalists arenít as good as specialists isnít to say that generalist SEO firms donít do good work; more accurately, they just donít do the kind of work that will support high value business operations. Their work may be just fine for an ecommerce operation or even a local restaurant or gift shop, but delicate matters demand special care at every level. Thatís when only specialist SEO services will do.

Image credit: Marketing via Pixabay