Do blue light glasses work?

blue light glasses

Blue light glasses are a hot trending topic. Since the digital age, many people have heard about glasses that can help reduce digital eye strain and make your office hours a little less tiring.

We do, however, ask ourselves if, in reality, blue light glasses work?

Compared to 2021, the demand for blue light glass has increased by about 70-80% in 2022. And according to many researchers, blue-light blocking glasses protects against eye diseases, help balance your sleep, and relieve eye strain. Many say blue light glasses are a blessing in this day and age.

What is Blue Light?

Sunlight emits a variety of colored lights, such as red, green, and blue. These colors come in different wavelengths and energy levels., and combined they produce white light.

Blue light has a shorter wavelength but a high energy level. Blue light can also be emitted from other light sources, like digital screens. While a small amount of blue light is good for our body, it is a matter of concern whether the high amount of blue light we are getting now will affect our long-term eye health.

Are my eye affected by blue light?

Due to the short wavelength, blue light can easily reach and enter our eyes. Almost all types of blue light can pass through the cornea and retinal lens of our eye. Many researchers say that blue light damages the retina of the eye and many sensitive cells. However, it is also true that the amount of blue light emitted from the digital screen is lower. This still doesn’t mean that prolonged hours staring at your screen is good.

How do Blue Light Glasses help?

Blue light glasses, also known as blue light blocking glasses, are a filter that prevents harmful blue light from reaching the eye. Blue light filters help prevent our eyes from being exposed to great amounts of blue light even for hours. Blue light glasses can have a slightly yellow or blueish tint on the lens.

Needless to say, this could be good for the eyes, especially if you use digital devices regularly. However, no research has yet claimed that blue light glass is essential for your eye health. But better safe than sorry.

Is there any harm if using blue light glass?

No research has shown that the use of blue light glass can be harmful. However, it can be said that blue light glass protects you from the harmful effects of using your digital device for a long time.

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