DNS Benchmark: Tools To Discover Fastest DNS Server

A DNS web Server resolves the IP Address each time you type in a domain name. Consequently, every Internet Service Provider or ISP will be holding a local DNS Server with a Domain name and corresponding IP Address.

Acceptance of unreliable DNS services will drastically reduce the Internet speed and the time taken to fill the website contents. In short, we should obtain DNS Services which have more reliable infrastructure and Networks, are less crowded, and have speed.

DNS Benchmark Tools are arranged in no particular order. However, you can configure the fastest DNS Server on your computer just by reading the below-given details.

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If you are watching for a tool to find the fastest server, DNS Performance Analytics, and Comparison, then DNSPerf is something you should look at. One thing that is liked about DNSPerf is that you can view historical data on how the DNS performed over time. For example, lets consider you have recurring DNS in mind. Then, you can make a judgment as well.

DNS Name Server Benchmark

DNS Name Server Benchmark is the next tool in the list to get the fastest DNS server. It is one of the best DNS Benchmarking Software, which has many more traits and functionalities than its competitor misses out on. Minimum response time, standard deviation, ping time, average response time, maximum response time, reliability, etc., are essential stats displayed by this tool for windows. The User Interface(UI) of the device is a little aged but is relatively user-friendly. No one will fight to find the necessary options, and almost all the beginner-level settings tweak options are available from the start page of the tool itself. You are not required to visit every settings tab to find locations. Its relatively easy with DNS Benchmarking Tool. The most agreeable part about this app is that it is a portable application, which indicates that you do not have to get any installation to use it. It mainly does three different checkups: Cached Name, Uncached Name, and DotCom Lookup.


Namebench is cross-platform. It is a simple open-source project that is publically hosted and available for free to use. As with any other software on the list, this one is also a free, lightweight, and portable application that is old and provides accurate details. Aside from DNS Benchmarking, it also has few other features such as Internet Censorship check, Restrick or Unblock DNS Servers, and a graph from the tested result for better Comparison. Namebench has Google DNS, Comodo, Open DNS, and many other leading third-party DNS Services that are available for free for personal use. The software is available in both graphical user interface as well as Command Prompt interface. Namebench is a Free DNS Benchmarking tool available for Mac OS as well.

DNS Jumper

DNS Jumper is a perfect DNS Benchmarking Tool that has over 27+ predefined presets and configurations. Apart from any other tools mentioned in this article, DNS Jumper seems promising with its excellent User Interface and easy-to-use interface. Moreover, it comes as lightweight. To enter custom DNS information, check on the Custom DNS option and enter the corresponding values in the field provided. You can find the DNS values of a particular third-party DNS service from their official website. Now, press the Check Resolve Time button to find the time taken. You can also find the average time by five times and then dividing it by five times for more accuracy.


Fifth on our list is CDNPerf that will help you to find the fastest CDN. However, if you want to attain the lowest possible, CDNPerf enables you to find the same. Similar to DNSPerf, CDNPerf works the same way as well. As soon as you hit the website, you will be presented with the data of the fastest CDN worldwide. You also have the option to filter CDNs according to the country or region.

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