DIY tips for making your own photo booth

DIY tips for making your own photo booth

photo booth

Photo booths are a trendy and fun addition to any event; corporate or otherwise. There is a cost when you have to buy or rent one from a company. Some events may call for more than one photo booth. That can make it expensive, which leads us to this article; how we can make them and reduce the costs.

Making your own photo booth is an excellent way of not just cutting costs but of making sure that you can make a photo booth that has the personality of your business or the people attending your party. It is a personalized photo booth for all your guests.

1. The lights

When setting up the lights for the booth, the idea is to make the pictures clear and gorgeous. But you have to keep in mind that lighting is everything. One way of making any image look great is the lighting. How much or how little lighting you put in the booth will affect how beautiful and clear the pictures are. Therefore, buying cost-effective lights and having them right beside the camera is essential. They will work just like a flash on your phone displays as it takes pictures. This efficient work will also help reduce the shadows.

2. The background

If a picture is worth a 1000 words, 700 of those are the background. A good picture without a good background misses the allure. To save on costs when making your booth, consider affordable material like paper or fabric. If you can rent a background, that makes it even cheaper seeing as you only get to spend when you need to use the booth. Usually, the booth reduces the coverage area, which reduces the amount of material you would otherwise need for a background.

3. Remote

Give your guests enough freedom by allowing them to take the photos. A cheap remote will enable them to control the camera themselves and thus take the pictures themselves. The beauty of a photo booth is that you also get to be versatile and run the show without having to pay a professional photographer. Given that the booth is contained, taking photos becomes easier as there is no hassle positioning people inside. The remote helps make it even better by allowing you to control the camera from the booth.

4. Camera settings

The shutter time makes all the difference. You don’t want your guests to pose for too long before you take the picture and yet you don’t want to capture them unaware. The right aperture and shutter time will ensure you take the right photo, and your guests have a great time.

5. Have a screen

One thing your guests want is to see how they look before you print the picture. Having a screen there will help prevent people from feeling the urge to touch the camera. You will notice that most trade show exhibit rentals orlando have great screens that make the images more precise and that protect the cameras from being damaged.


Always have a list of instructions you want your guests to follow. Allow those who have never used a booth before to learn how to engage, so that they too can take great pictures of themselves and enjoy the session. You will have successful events if you choose to focus on the details that other companies ignore.

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