DIY Decor Ideas For a Home Wedding

DIY Decor Ideas are always welcomed and praised a lot. Although the venues are gradually beginning to operate, if you’ve already designed to host a private wedding at home, we’re sure your requirement be in a dilemma as to ‘how to enhance’ it!

Put your concerns to rest because we have gathered some easy-peasy home wedding decoration ideas for your residence.
Check out unique wedding decor designs and decor ideas that are too simple to DIY at home.

Paint those discarded tires & put them to use.
Spend time on painting these tires and making the best out of them. These pop colors will do nothing but brighten up your event for good. Next, you can deck it up with artificial flowers in your favorite bloom to make the setup a notch higher. Then, add some cute little decorative pieces to make it look quirkier!

Give your guest room a makeover with colorful drapes & a bunch of fairy lights!
All you need is some colorful drapes and those twinkling fairy lights to turn the look of your backyard upside down! Then, finally, something looks closer to heaven.

Bring out those paper fans & pinwheels.
The fans are the easiest to make, and they never fail with the right contrasting colors. So make your Haldi or Mehendi a little more eventful by applying such ideas for a home décor wedding!

Raise a backdrop with giant paper flowers!
Get a little crafty using the distinct colors to suit your vibe. The giant flowers are super trending! Finally, something is on the top of the home decoration ideas for a wedding.

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Marigold backdrops look like a dream.
Evergreen and a traditional decoration when it comes to flowers is incredibly affordable and vivid; we’d highly recommend you shop for marigold for your decor for a small wedding function at home.

Make personalized tags for your chair backs.
Give your wedding a little extra unique by printing cute nicknames of your partners, using quirky fonts; a little personalization is always good for an event creating beautiful moments!

Decorate ceilings with multicolored buntings!
Using old cloth pieces or mum’s sarees makes it even more fun and cost-effective—a perfect decoration idea for a bride and her private functions. Make your wedlock as brighter as it could go by mixing numerous colors!

Go grassy and let your plants brighten up the surroundings!
Use your in-house greenery as a backdrop for all, making it a fully prepped decorative area that needs no more addition!

Origamis can never go out of fashion.
Apply the origami skills in you to produce beautiful hand decorations at your place. Select glace papers in two colors and create paper cranes or swans. Stitch them into threads and fasten them around your house.

Turn old sarees into cushion covers.
The best response is when you understand there are sentiments attached, and there is nothing better than using something that carries the impression of a mother. These solidly based cushions give us primary décor goals.

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Add a Bohemian vibe with dreamcatchers.
Employ dream catchers for your ideal dream matrimony! You can drape dreamcatchers to build a surreal space to tie the knot. They’re simple to make & will look fabulous in informal decor.

Floral strings for the win!
A few artificial flowers can assist you in adding lots of charm to your porch decor! Just fasten them into threads and fix them equidistantly. They will have your guests hit at first glance.

Make a photo wall
You can take home wedding decor a groove by setting up a self-curated photo wall of sweet memories. Something to be cherished always, this makes it a perfect home decoration idea for a wedding.

Wrap Up

All these DIY Decor Ideas will bring quirkiness for a celebration like haldi or Mehendi, which are the cutest wedding decoration ideas.

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