Dilemma of Choosing a Laptop on the Internet

Choosing a Laptop

Growth of Technology

Proving the accuracy of Mooreís law, technology is progressing at an unstoppable speed. While it is giving us the wide flexibility of choosing our required product at itís best, it is confusing for a great deal of people, exactly what to choose? 

Needle in a haystack

When people buy a laptop, usually itís not simple to invest. There are lots of factors needed to consider and the specifications available on the market is just too many. It’s the same as finding a needle in a haystack. Thanks to the entrepreneurs and developers who build tools like Laptop Finder to make the job easy to find appropriate laptops. Otherwise, sometimes only google search is not enough.

Chaos theory

All the big laptop brands like HP, DELL, Acer, Lenovo and many others are in the race of releasing laptops in various configurations and specifications. Microchip, storage, memory manufacturing companies are also releasing more models then before and laptops brands are taking that advantage as well. As an end result, it is creating chaos in the consumers mind as most of them are not very sound with all these technical terms or itís just too difficult to keep up with the latest innovations.

Some may say the laptop models are not changing, for example Dell XPS has been here for many years and it’s consistent, the truth is Dell XPS has 13, 15, 17 inch models. Each model has Core i5, i7, i9 variants. Some are with touchscreen, some are not. Then comes to memory, 256GB, 500GB, 1TB. 

If the user plans to find an alternative brand of Dell but competitor of XPS laptop, the consumer will have another list of models with different  variants like mentioned above. Now we can see, even if we want to compare from two different brands, we have a huge number of models to choose from. 

As people consider to use the laptop for four to five years minimum, most of the people plan to have a future proof laptop and that increases the confusion and as a result, often people end up buying a wrong laptop.

A way out

There are some tools like the Laptop Finder, which are not only publishing Laptop Reviews and 5000 words long buying guides (which are not always helpful), but they have a systematic approach to solve the problem. Specifically this tool helps the visitor by asking relevant questions about the possible use of the laptop, budget, and other criteria. The algorithm of the tool then compiles the answers to technical specifications and finds the available laptop variants which match the visitors criteria.

When the user gets this short list of laptops, it is most likely they want something very similar and they saved a lot of time by randomly searching for exactly what they want to buy?

These tools may not be for everyone. There are many geeks roaming around, who know every little detail about all the new technologies and they can pick their laptop at a blazing fast speed, but not everyone is like them.

Epilogue Life is supposed to be easy and technology is supposed to help people to make their life easier. As a netizen, I also want technology to progress and help human civilization to move further. Itís just sometime there are some downsides as well. It is relieving that some people are working to solve these problems also to make the technology as it is supposed to be.