Digital Marketing Strategy: from A to Z

Digital Marketing Strategy

We live in a digitally savvy world. Needless to say, the majority of consumers rely on the internet technology to find products and services they need. Not just that. They also use the internet to gather information, learn new things, and seek recommendations. Whether itís via search engines like Google or social media networking sites, consumers depend on digital media a lot.

All these pose challenges and opportunities to marketers. As of 2017, there were 3.4 billion internet users around the world, which equates to 46%. In 2022, the percentage is expected to reach 58%. This means that to keep up with the digitally inclined behavior of consumers, marketers will need to go digital as well.

Digital marketing is the use of technologies, mainly on the internet, to promote products and services. As people use digital devices to shop instead of visiting physical stores, digital marketing campaigns have become a critical part of every businessí marketing strategy.

There are many forms of digital marketing and sometimes, it can be overwhelming to know which strategies will work for you. Hereís a list of the most effective strategies that successful digital marketers swear by:

Build strong customer relationships.

Email remains to be an effective way of reaching out to consumers Ė new or old. It is also one of the cheapest approaches with exceedingly high returns. In fact, for every dollar spent on email marketing, thereís an expected return of a whopping $44. It takes a solid plan to succeed in email marketing. First of all, marketers should scrub email lists to have better results in terms of deliverability, open rate, and conversion. Maintaining a high-quality mailing list is the foundation of successful email marketing campaigns.

Use content for lead generation.

Lead generation can be done in so many ways. One of the most proven strategies for generating leads is through content marketing. By linking your blogs or articles to a specific offer (landing page), you can significantly increase your lead conversion rate. Consumers search the internet not just to buy products but also to find great contents that would lead them to discover new products or finding better ones. To succeed in content marketing, you need to focus on providing value to your audience. You can also use contents to show your authority and authenticity over your niche or industry.

Build a buyer persona.

Behind every successful digital marketing strategy is a clear and deep understanding of your customers. Knowing your customers is more than knowing their age bracket, gender, or demographic location. More importantly, it involves understanding their behavior, such as what factors affect their purchasing decision, the best way to connect with them, and the marketing approach that will most likely interest them. Creating a buyer persona is currently the best way to gain a deep understanding of a businessí customers. This process involves determining customer pain points and goals, and understanding how your brand can help.

Invest in owned and paid media.

Owned media comprises marketing channels that the company has full control of. These include their website, newsletters, social media pages, blogs, and email. These are more effective than paid media but requires a great deal of time, effort, and resources to work. Creating high-quality contents is essential to generate leads through your owned media. A mix of owned and paid media works best for most businesses.

Donít forget SEO.

SEO is probably one of the oldest topics in digital marketing. But it never goes out of fad. Search engines have so many rules when ranking websites. However, among the most important strategies include keyword integration, content optimization, and off-site authority building. The last one involves link building which is highly essential in developing strong organic rankings.

Automate your marketing.

With so many digital marketing approaches out there, it can be difficult to track your campaigns. 91% of successful businesses say that automation has been a big part of their success. Automation tools let you integrate all your marketing strategies in one place. It saves you time, energy, and money. Additionally, you need tools that will help you measure and track the progress of your campaigns. Assigning metrics or KPIs should help you make the right decisions and adjust your strategy in the future.


Digital marketing is what every business needs today to succeed. Since most consumers rely heavily on digital media to find the products and services they need, marketers should implement an effective marketing plan to attract online customers.

If youíre looking to up your marketing this year, make sure to incorporate powerful strategies such as these. You should aim to build a strong relationship with your customers, generate leads, know your customers, integrate SEO, invest in owned and paid media, and automate your efforts.

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