Digital era in a world of foreign cultures

Digital era

Whether we like it or not, we are currently living in the Digital Age. Technological change and progress are slowly, but surely, becoming a part of our everyday lives. The question arises: Is technology forcing people to lose their identities and become more and more estranged from each other?

Foundations of a personís identity stem from socialization and communication with others. When social media became popular, people mostly focused on the benefits it provided. It was easy to stay in touch with your family and friends, phone calls or video calls were not as expensive as they were before and basically, everything was simplified.

However, there are certain disadvantages that unfortunately, sometimes outweigh the benefits. Machines seem to be taking over our lives. A lot of occupations that are quite common today,wonít even exist in the near future. For example, nowadays in the translation industry, a lot of translation is machine-based, which can sometimes lead to inaccuracy and meaningless translations.

So, if you need a high-quality translation that is done exclusively by experienced human translators, go to professional translators such as TheWordPoint, and see for yourself the type of translation service that is offered. Every translation is customized for your needs, and the translations are done in a manner of speaking that is natural to native speakers of a language. This detailed approach is something a machine has yet to achieve.

Furthermore, in the world of mixed cultures, it is of crucial importance to stay true to yourself, and not let social media trends take a toll on your personal life.  It seems that a lot of professions are now becoming dependent on the influence they have onsocial media. A lot of people seem to be blindly following trends that social media dictate, instead of adopting them naturally.

Apart from these trends, cultural differences are fading away and a fusion of different cultures and their customs is created due to technology and its innovations. Trends, customs and habits intertwine because of the constant exposure to something new on social media.

Image Credits: Digital era from Pasuwan /Shutterstock