Different Types of Smoking Accessories and Benefits of Using Them

Smoking Accessories

For many, smoking is just like a strong cup of espresso that helps one to kick start their day. With the growing popularity of CBD products among smokers, many online stores have come up with a wide range of smoking accessories to help you enjoy your smoking sessions.

The right set of smoking add ons can enhance your smoking experience, keeping your hemp well ground and fresh. Additionally, these accessories help ensure you get the best out of your herbs. However, it’s critical to choose the best accessories and cleaners regardless of whether you smoke regularly or occasionally.

You will be inhaling smoke or vapor into your system through these accessories. Hence, it’s vital to ensure that the metal or glass used for accessories is lab tested and 100% safe.


A grinder is a crucial smoking tool and is regarded as one of the best cannabis smoking accessories. Grinders usually have a canister model with teeth-like structures inside. The cannabis is placed carefully inside the grinder, and a gentle twist will give you perfectly ground, ready to smoke cannabis. 

Grinders are time-saving compared to the orthodox crushing methods. Grinders churn the bud well, creating more surface area resulting in optimal utilization of your bud.


The conventional method of cannabis consumption requires you to place the crushed cannabis in a rolling paper. Rolling your cannabis could be a tedious task and may result in an uneven product. 

Pre-rolls are evenly rolled papers in which you place your crushed cannabis. They come with a filter that helps you filter away fine particles from the crushed cannabis while smoking.

Rolling Machine

Rolling your cannabis could be a fun process. A rolling machine aids you in rolling your cannabis evenly. The high consistency and portability provided by a rolling machine help you to consume cannabis effortlessly. The device has a simple model with two rollers parallel to each other. 

You are required to load the machine with crushed cannabis and a filter manually. The next step involves placing the rolling paper horizontally between the two rollers. The two rollers are manually rolled towards you, resulting in evenly rolled ready to use cannabis.

Odor Proof Bags

Cannabis has a strong, pungent aroma, and it could be a problem when you are traveling. The aroma could fill up your travel bag, and to prevent such happening, you are advised to use odor-proof bags. 

They come with a zip lock that helps you to store the excess cannabis after usage. The bag can be reused for an extended period and are available in stylish designs.

One Hitter Dugout

In an instance when you have only to carry cannabis for a single smoke, carrying a full bag might not spark your interest. A dugout is a perfect choice in this scenario. 

The elegant design on a wooden container provides you with enough space to carry one single smoke along with a lighter. This is a handy accessory when you are traveling.

Glass Piece Cleaning Solution

A glass pipe or a bong requires frequent cleaning. Cannabis leaves stains on the inner walls of your glass pipe or bong. Failure to remove them can block the narrow pathways and disrupt the seamless flow of smoke. 

Cleaning the inner walls and narrow pathways can turn out to be an impossible task. The glass cleaning solution will help you quickly remove the stain from the glass and keep your pipe or bong sterile. This solution helps you preserve the glass bong for a more extended period and results in a smoother and cleaner smoking experience.

Hand Pipes

Hand Pipes are small pipes that are filled with crushed cannabis to smoke. The design typically consists of three parts – Bowl, Mouthpiece, and Carb.

  • Bowl: This is the area where you fill your crushed ready-to-smoke cannabis. 
  • Mouthpiece: A mouthpiece is placed between your lips, enabling you to smoke the cannabis after lighting.
  • Carb: Carb is a hole generally placed in the side that builds up smoke and releases it.

They are comparatively small and can be easily stored in your purse or pocket. Additionally, pipes are portable, enabling you to use them on the go.


Bong is a smoking device that has a chamber filled with water and a pipe. They are also known as water pipes due to their peculiar design. Bongs are available in multiple designs and materials, making them a unique smoking accessory that caters to the user’s needs. 

Certain bongs have ice pinchers that enable you to put ice cubes in the mouthpiece for a refreshing and cool smoking experience.


A bubbler is a pipe that functions by utilizing water and a percolator. The smoke is diffused and filtered, making it smoother. Bubblers are made out of glass and are categorized as a hybrid variant of a hand pipe and bong. The sleek design makes it portable and is available as a single whole piece or with moving parts. 

Silicone Bongs

Silicone bongs are cheaper and easier to clean compared to their glass alternatives. They are durable and portable, with zero chance of breakage. 

These bongs are flexible and have bends, which helps you with storage space. Silicone bongs have a fancy look and are available in multiple colors and designs.


Spoons are smoking devices with a simple shape. They are highly customizable and come in multiple colors, shapes, and sizes. Spoons consist of a bowl and a mouthpiece. 

The bowl encases your crushed cannabis while the mouthpiece is used for inhaling the smoke. They also have a carb that is used to regulate the amount of smoke within the pipe. Spoons are small and portable, fitting into your pocket or purse.

Portable Oil Vaporizer

Portable Oil Vaporizers are used to vaporize cannabis oil. You can select the oil required, and it is poured as droplets into the chamber. The chamber heats up in less than 20 seconds, providing you with fresh smoke. They are electric and can be recharged. Portable oil vaporizers are durable and are easier to clean compared to other smoking devices.


Chillums are similar to spoons but do not have a bowl for placing the crushed cannabis. They feature an open container and mouthpiece. Chillums are available in different materials and sizes. 

Glass chillums are considered to be free from chemicals. The container is filled with cannabis and lit before inhaling the smoke. However, chillums do not offer a mechanism to control the airflow.

Wrapping Up

Several reputed brands now sell innovative smoking accessories and even offer online shipping options. If you plan to order accessories online, check the reputation and reliability of the website before placing your order.