Difference between a Sleeper Sofa And A Sofa Bed

Sofa Bed

Being used interchangeably by people, sleeper sofas and sofa beds are two different types of furniture. Since they look and appear the same, people think that they are the same.

The main difference between a sleeper sofa and a sofa bed is the difference in mattress and the purpose they are used for. The new convertible sofas have improved designs that offer both comforts as well as function. So continue reading to learn more about both types of furniture.

Sofa Bed

A sofa bed is a two-in-one piece of furniture that allows seating as a normal sofa would, and it also offers a bed for sleeping. Usually, the sofa bed includes a platform with sides on which the mattress is kept.


1)   Design

The design of the sofa bed allows you to choose how to want to keep your sofa bed. You can keep the fact hidden that you have a bed in your living room by disguising it as a sofa.

2) Function

A sofa bed serves two functions. A sofa when you want to sit on it and a bed when you want to lay on it. Find great sofa beds at Home Detail sofa beds.

3)   Variety of Sizes

Depending upon the space available in your room, you can decide the size of the sofa bed.  There are different sizes available to choose from.


1)   Cost

Sofa beds are usually expensive and a big investment.

2)   Weight

The weight of the metal structure and mattress adds to the weight, making it heavier and difficult to move alone.

3)   Uncomfortable

Sofa beds are designed primarily as seating and temporary sleeping; this is why they are made too firm. So they are uncomfortable sleeping for a long time.

Sleeper Sofa

The sleeper sofa is more spacious and can fit two people with more free space than the sofa bed. This is because the mattress used in the sleeper sofa is designed for sleeping instead of dual function as the sofa bed does. So this makes the sleeper sofa more comfortable, allowing you to get a more restful sleep even for extended periods.


1)   Weight

Sleeper beds are lightweight and thus easier to move around when needed.

2)   Comfort

The thick mattress is comfortable and allows two people to sleep easily and restfully all night long.

3)   Spacious

In addition to accommodating two people with enough space left for proper sleeping, they are also great for small rooms and houses. In a small area, they can be kept folded up to allow space during the day.


1)   Cost

Similar to sofa beds, these sleeper sofas cost more.

2)   Design

A sleeper sofa can lower the value of your space as people will think that because you are on a tight budget, that’s why you bought this design.

3)   Not for sitting

A sleeper sofa might not be as comfortable for sitting as compared to a couch. The beds are made for sleeping, so they may be lumpy and too soft for sitting.


Even though these terms are used interchangeably by people, these furniture pieces are distinct from each other. In terms of the mattress, the sleeper sofa has a mattress that is built in it, which can be unfolded when required, whereas the sofa bed does not contain the traditional mattress and lays flat when made a bed. 

A sleeper sofa is more durable than a sofa bed, as it does not have any structural frame under it, so these can be difficult to sleep on. So these versatile and functional pieces of furniture are different. Depending upon your requirement and the available space, you should make a wise decision.