Diamond Blemishes: Burn Marks

Diamond Blemishes

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Diamond Blemishes: Burn Marks
Diamond blemishes can be burn marks and they are sometimes a part of a diamond’s imperfections. 
Blemishes occur on the surface of the diamond and they are due to the mounting, cut, and wearing of the 
diamond. The diamond may look a little bit hazy or cloudy. When your lady wears the diamond ring it will 
sparkle as it should in the light. In some diamonds, the burned area of the stone will be noticed and it is 
usually cause by over heating or over polishing the diamond. it can be polished out of the stone so that you 
will not have as much to worry about. When it is polished out of the stone, it will lose a little bit of the 
weight of it. You will want to be sure that you pick out the right cut and the best setting.

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Even if there are diamond blemishes: burn marks in the stone, they might not be as noticeable. If they are, 
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