How to Dial International : Methods and Steps to Get Through

How to dial International becomes a question of panic whenever our beloved goes to a foreign destination for studies, business, or any other purpose as it is a new thing for us. You will become pro after reading and using the instructions in the following article.

Let’s learn the basic method of dialling an international phone number. If you learn the basics for dialing a foreign number, you will be able to call anyone successfully no matter which device you use.

Steps to Dial International

  • Dialing an International Number from Phone or Landline
  • Using Online Calling Service
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Method 1 : Dialing International Number from Phone or Landline

  1. Press “011” on keypad. Use the International Direct Dialing (IDD) number in case of the U.S., before dialing numbers. This will mean that the phone numbers dialed just after this is meant for places outside the United States. Remember that “011” is the prefix number for only the North American Numbering Plan. If you are calling from another country other than the U.S., you should find the relevant IDD for the dialling country.
  2. Dial country code next. Check for the country code of the country you are calling to. This number varies depending on the country, you wish to dial, but definitely it will always have 1-3 digits.
  3. Dial the city/area code, if applicable of the nation. After the international dialing code and country code, dial the city code or area code. It, generally, is part of the local number. It is meant for signalling the phone number is meant for a specific city or region within the country you’re dialling to. The city/area code can again be 1-4 digits long.
  4. Dial the remaining digits. Dial the remaining digits of the phone number you have after the IDD number, country code, and city/area code. Tap the call button on the phone to place the call.
  5. If a “0” is given before the phone number, You should omit and dial the phone number followed by it. The zero is a “trunk code” usually for domestic calls within some countries, not meant for dialling international calls.

Method 2 : Using an Online Calling Service

  1. Use Skype for dialing international numbers. You may call international phone numbers directly through Skype application for computer and mobile devices. For this, you have to purchase Skype credit to pay. It is meant to be a subscription in order to make a payment monthly.
  2. Open the dial pad in your Skype app looking like a traditional dial pad. Choose the country you wish to call to. It is easily accessible from the drop down menu. The country code will be selected automatically once you select the country.. Now, tap in the rest of the phone number with area code. No need of an IDD number.
  3. Use service like MagicApp or PopTox. You may opt for similar internet-based service to make calls to international numbers. You just have to be accessible to a computer with an internet connection. You may also use a mobile with a data plan to call regular phone numbers through the application.
  4. Opt for an online service where no phone numbers are needed. Ask call recipient if you call them through online applications that don’t need to call a traditional phone number. VoIP services are free to join generally.
  5. Check out Google Hangouts, Viber, or Facebook Messenger. Popular apps like these just need you to join the service by logging in to call for free. The prerequisite is that person to be called must have the access to these apps.

Find out whether the international phone number is a mobile number as it can affect the rates. You are charged differently for calling it from the U.S. It may vary how you dial the call from various places of the world.

Steps to Calculate the Cost to Call

International calls to mobile phones are generally charged at higher prices as compared to landline phones. That is why it is advisable to check the type of phone you wish to call beforehand. It is better to dial a landline number if you have the access to.

Check with carrier for international call rates. You may call the service provider for the phone you wish to use to make an international call before dialling /calling the number you wish to make call to. Check with both the provider for landline and mobile phone, in case you got both types with you, as the prices may differ a lot according to the device used.

save money

If you are a frequent caller for abroad, check with the provider about international calling plans. To place a single call, you may ask for the one-time rates to be charged for another country.

Go through more international calling plans and cards. Try to check out all the rates associated with international calling plans, prepaid calling cards, and other options. You should know exactly what are you charged for an international call. It will especially be done if you wish to call frequently.

Try an international calling card or online service for an option. These services are typically less expensive than calling plans for mobiles or landlines. Calling cards are prepaid. On these type of services, you pay only for what you use. Internet-based services may be free and provide you with flexible pricing options.

With any service, you should ensure that you understand the charges and policies of the carrier, thoroughly.

After reading the above article on How to Dial International and getting your doubts cleared, now we can say Happy International Calling !!!