Developing a PPC Campaign

PPC Campaign

From SEO to search engine marketing, there are tons of options for marketing a law firm. While most firms prefer SEO as a cost-effective option, pay-per-click advertising is proving to be a more effective law firm marketing strategy. Research indicates that 64.6% of online shoppers click on Google ads, meaning that PPC can turn organic traffic into customers.

While PPC campaigns are quite effective in yielding positive results in a much shorter time compared to organic SEO campaigns, they are a bit more complicated. Developing a competitive PPC campaign strategy requires time and cautious planning.

Nonetheless, the steps below would enable you to develop a highly effective and efficient marketing channel for your law firm.

Step 1: What Are Your Goals?

A successful PPC strategy should be goal-based. Before you start developing a PPC campaign, you should understand what exactly you want to achieve with PPC. Common law firm PPC goals can be the following:

  • driving sales
  • increasing site traffic
  • raising brand awareness
  • generating leads

Defining your PPC goals will help you choose the best platforms and ad types ideal for your marketing needs. 

If you are looking to use PPC for brand awareness, your ideal PPC strategy should involve social media and display ads. If you’re seeking to use PPC strategy to drive sales, an effective strategy would be in PLA or the in search option. If you’re seeking to generate leads using PPM, you may want to use PLA or the in search option.

When developing a PPC campaign, ensure you decide on your primary goals and front them in your PPC marketing campaign. Your PPC goals would enable you to choose an ideal platform plus the ad types to use.

Step 2: Establish Close Competitors

Analyzing your close competitors regarding their PPC campaign, how aggressive the campaign is, and factors that make the campaign successful. There are various tools such as the Audience Overlap tool or the Competitor Keyword Matrix, which can enable you to easily locate your competitors plus both organic and paid keywords they are using from up to 10 competitors. Google Ads encompass some features such as the Target outranking share feature that enables you to beat your competitors and raise ranks in bids. 

Step 3: Research Keywords

A successful PPC strategy employs the right keywords. Therefore, if you’re planning on us PPC strategy to market your law firm, ensure you have the right keywords, preferably from your competitors. To obtain the right keywords, you can start brainstorming a wide range of keyword terms relating to the product features. For instance, if you’re running a law firm site, you can begin by using broad terms such as “attorney services.” Exploring all search functions from the last 90 days will also enable you to develop ideal keywords. 

Step 4: Create Ads and Optimize Landing Pages for Your Ads    

Optimizing your landing pages for ads is a crucial step in your law firm PPC marketing campaign. Site visitors are more likely to click through, make a purchase, or even sign up to a landing page relatable to their initial search intent or compatible with their interest.

When developing ads for your law firm sites, you would want to ensure they are unique, brief, and up to the point. Remember, the goal of ads on your site is to display your selling proposition and illustrate how you’ll offer value. Therefore, ensure your ads are attractive and optimized.

Step 5: Analyze Your PPC Campaign Strategy

After developing a PPC campaign strategy for your law firm, the final step is to analyze it to determine the major areas that drive your campaign goals. Analyzing your PPC campaign strategy will also enable you to determine areas that need improvements. Some metrics to consider when analyzing your PPC campaign strategy include the following:

  • conversion rate
  • click-through rate (CTR)
  • cost per click (CPC)
  • cost per acquisition (CPA)
  • quality score
  • return on ad spend (ROAS)

Evaluating these metrics will help establish the effectiveness of your law firm PPC campaign strategy.


PPC campaigns have been proven to be more effective in law firm online marketing than other strategies, such as content marketing or SEO. When correctly done, PPC campaigns offer your site more traffic, leads, and potential customers within a very short time after the ads start running. The five steps discussed in this article are key to developing an effective and competitive PPC campaign for your law firm.