Desktop Folder Icons into Emoji: How to turn Mac

A desktop computer turned on. In the upper right-hand corner, theres an emoji of a cat smiling with hearts in its eyes instead of a blue folder icon.

Why have flat blue folder icons on your desktop when you can turn them into felines? Well, feline emoji, at least. 

It turns out you can fast customize your Mac desktop folders with the emoji of your preference. Its a fun, humorous trick thats also valid if youre looking for a graphic way to systematize the folders on your PC or laptop. 

You can select a briefcase emoji to identify work files fast or organize travel documents with a plane emoji. You can give those boring blue folder icons a cat emoji makeover in just a few simple steps.

Well guide you through the quick process so you can initiate transforming your blue folder icons into whatever your heart wishes, whether its Halloween pumpkins, spirits, or even poop.

How to turn desktop folder icons into emoji

You may need to create a new folder if youre not using an existing one.

Right-click on your homepage and tap on the New folder.

Find the emoji you wish to use. 

You can head over to Google and do an image search for the emoji you require, like cat emoji.

Look for an image with a checkered background, so youll still have the blue background after the image is visible.

Right-click and choose Copy Image after finding the image.

Otherwise, if you wish to save the image for any reason, drag it to your Desktop or Documents folder to keep it.

You can then open the emoji image in Preview by double-clicking on it. Next, tap Edit and then Copy.

Go back to the folder you created. Right-tap on it and click Get Info.

Tap the blue folder icon in the top left, and then type Command + V. 

Youre done, and your fun new feline or smiley face emoji should now be where the plain blue folder once was.