Definitive Dab Rigs Guide For The Year 2020

So, you want to start dabbing but youíre completely overwhelmed by all the information between different types of concentrate, methods, tools, and rigs?

If you donít know where to start, we donít blame you as there is endless information available and a dabbing set-up is extremely personal to each person, everyone prefers something different!

To get your experience perfect you definitely want to do some research, but it is hard to find the right information in one place. Luckily for you, we did all the work!

Here is the ultimate dab rigs guide! Keep reading to know the difference between dab rigs, and some dab rig tips, learn which one is right for you!

Dab Rigs Guide for Classic Water Pipe Rigs

The classic water pipe rig is the most common set up for those who are smoking concentrate. Water pipe rigs are traditionally used with a torch to heat up the nail.

Classic water pipe dab rigs are different than water pipes intended for bud or flower use because they are smaller in order to preserve the turpentines that come from concentrate. When concentrate turpentines hit the air they can dissipate really quickly compared to when smoking bud, therefore to get the most out of your concentrate it is best to smoke out of something with a smaller chamber.

The average size of rigs is about nine inches but they come in various sizes, but generally, they are going to be smaller than an average bong.

Waterpipe rigs can be used with a plethora of different accessories and various nails. Classic pipes can be used with quartz, ceramic, titanium, or even electric nails which would negate the need for a torch.


E-rigs are rigs that use electricity to heat the nail, rather than using a torch to heat up concentrate.

E-rigs can be temperature regulated easily. meaning that, because there is an electric nail you can actually set what temperature you desire, which can lead to smoother hits, and do not need water filtration because they are equipped with their own filtration system.

They are more portable, and use a battery so they can be charged up to your own disposal! They are often made of a mix of different materials such as glass, and metal versus the classic solid glass water pipes.

E-rigs are rigs that can not be used with a torch, they only have electrical heating compatibilities and can be damaged by attempting to use a torch!

If you prefer a rig that is the best of both worlds, (can be heated with both electricity and a torch) a rig that is compatible with an electric nail is the best for you!

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This means you can swap out different nails on the same rig as long as it is compatible with an E-nail! This gives you the choice to dab with a torch or an E-nail!

Vaporizer and Portable E-Rigs

Portable E-rigs are different than traditional rigs because they are exactly that, portable! They often have less of a capacity for larger dabs and often do not get as hot.

Portable E-rigs are a lot smaller and very discreet making them good for stashing in luggage or dabbing discreetly. They often come with built-in technology appliances such as an embedded nail or a dabber and dome that can attach to the portable E-rig for easy storage and portability.

Vaporizers or vape pens may sound similar but they are different than portable E-rigs, although there is a lot of similarities they are useful for different things.

Both Vapes and portable E-rigs are discreet and great for on the go! They are both run by electricity instead of an exterior heating device such as a torch, but vaporizers are much smaller and donít have as much electric power.

Vaporizers do not have a nail or a dapper, you simply put your concentrate in the chamber, or heating coil, press a button to heat it up in seconds and inhale!

Vaporizers are perfect for people who donít like to take huge dabs or do not want to invest in a rig or other appliances such as a torch, or dabber. Vaporizers are a great place to start for those who want to smoke oil but donít know much about it!

Atom Bomb Rigs

Do you want to experience an even inhale of an electric rig, but also want the classic taste and filtration of a water pipe? An atom bomb rig is perfect for you!

Atom bomb rigs donít just have a cool name, they are a beautiful mixture of an E-rig and a water pipe. They were wrong, you can have your cake and eat it too!

Atom bomb rigs look like a traditional dab rig and have a similar setup. Another difference is they are designed to heat up the concentrate to a perfect temperature in order to vaporize it. Then the vapor gets filtered through the water and inhaled.

Atom bomb rigs are perfect for beginners or new smokers because it is the option that is the least harsh on the throat. Going through a vaporizing and filtering process takes away the harsh feeling that dabbing is often associated with.

Know What You Want From Your Rig!

There you have it, the ultimate dab rig guide! These are the most well-known dab rings, as well as methods of dabbing.

Now all you have to do is decide which one is right for you! Perhaps an electric rig, a water pipe, or a mixture of both! Check out our other article for more cannabis content!