Dedicated servers with graphics cards


So that the server does not limit its capabilities, it allows to solve computational problems, conduct online broadcasts, use simulation programs, engage in 3D rendering, work with neural networks, you need a dedicated server with graphic GPU cards (video cards).

Benefits of a dedicated server from INTROSERV

INTROSERV offers dedicated GPU servers for rent  (graphic cards) in data centers located in the Netherlands. You can also order a server from us in the USA, Canada, England, Poland, France, Germany, but so far, the ability to connect video cards to these data centres is not provided.

Infrastructure, security level, the performance of European and American data centers has advantages over domestic data centers. The client receives a server with the latest generation equipment, uninterrupted power supply and quick response of technical support to any force majeure. A data centre abroad is also the security of a business, which allows you not to think about the possibility that your equipment may be taken from you tomorrow, your site can be blocked without any reason, and a criminal case will be opened in which there will be a set of false evidence and material evidence.

Therefore, if you want to maximize the security of your work and protect your business, you need to rent a server abroad. You will be able to make payments, transfer money and not worry about the fact that you have already become interested in your online transactions and have installed the track.

Another important advantage of European and American data centre is the ability to work with foreign customers, for example, provide online gaming or trading services.

And it is worth remembering that the financial stability of foreign data centres is always higher than domestic. It is also a guarantee of the security of the business and its stable operation.

Features of a dedicated server with graphics cards

Server with graphics cards (GPU) – this is the maximum opportunity to increase the speed of calculation of graphic information. If you compare it with a traditional CPU, which can have up to 24 cores, then on board the GPU contains approx. 3 thousand cores. It can perform 10 times faster approximately 100 times more processes simultaneously, that is, in parallel.

On a server with a video card, you can implement any complex and resource-intensive projects for the following operations:

  • mining of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies
  • streaming online broadcasting(streaming)
  • 2D and 3D modelling
  • graphic rendering
  • creation of animation and development of computer games
  • work with Big Data and CUDA
  • neural networks
  • deep learning, etc.

Technical support

An important point is the ability to communicate with technical support. If you have questions or difficulties in the work, then you can always turn to -speaking specialists who will understand the task and provide assistance. Support works 24/7 and quickly responds to customer requests.


You get full rights and control over the leased dedicated server with the ability to connect KVM with IP access. Virtual Media provides a remote access session for scheduled or emergency services: file transfers, diagnostics, software downloads, or updates. Even if there was a serious failure and the server OS did not boot, through the IP KVM, you can conduct an administration session and turn the power on or off, restart the server, check for errors in the BIOS, connect the ISO image, change the settings of the built-in functions, etc.

Uptime Network

Data centres in the Netherlands ensure stable operation of servers with uptime of 99.9%. Even in case of force majeure (for example, an emergency disconnection of the centralized power supply from the main or standby independent line), the data centre will switch to power from installed generators. And the work of customers will not be interrupted.


Dedicated servers with video cards, as mentioned above, so far only data centres in the Netherlands are provided. But soon, such a service may appear in other providers. The working conditions of providers in different countries have some differences. For example, when renting a dedicated server in the Netherlands or England, you can upgrade equipment in the process and increase resources.


Initial installation of the software on the server with your chosen configuration is free of charge. When ordering a dedicated server with a video card and any tariff plan, the technical support service will transfer your sites for free and check the correctness of their work. To transfer data, you must provide us with access to the control panel, database, via SSH and FTP.

Can’t decide if you need a dedicated server with a graphics card? Take the opportunity for a test period of 2 days!

Please note that servers with standard configurations are issued after a maximum of 12 hours. You will get access to a server with a complex configuration after its assembly, which can take up to 5 business days. Read Here About Best Shared Hosting Server Companies 2020