Deciding Where to Head: North Goa or South Goa

Depending on your plan, you may be able to traverse Goa both North and South.

However, if you have a restricted period, you will want to use your time wisely. Going around without your means of transport is not the most comfortable.

Goa doesn’t have a metro, taxis are expensive as analyzed to the rest of India, and hiring a moped is excellent and comes with a long list of forethoughts. So making the right choice about which space you stay in is required as you will need things within walking distance.

Closest to the Airport

The airport is halfway between North and South Goa, so you’re moderately much evenly distanced depending on how far North or South you prefer to go.

Kind of Holiday 

North Goa is the more occupied side, with a lot more happening. Here you can feel the buzz of daily life in almost all areas with a much more comprehensive selection of functions, hundreds of eatery options, cafes, pubs, and shopping stores. 

If you’re in the spirit for relaxation, sunsets, and swims then, South Goa and its more impressive and secluded beaches are for you. The beaches in the South are more subdued with fewer possibilities of a late-night party, so best for candle-lit dinners on the beach, spending your days stretched out on a sunbed with fresh coconut or a cocktail.


There are quiet beaches in the North and South of Goa, but the South has a lot more. While traveling solo and wanting to meet people, the North has many more hostels to choose from and a more extensive selection of activities. 

Better for Backpackers’ Budget

There are many more hostel options in North Goa that offer a bed for as little as Rs 500 a night. In addition, there are lots of excellent opportunities with significant communal areas to meet other backpackers. 

The South is more of a proper beach hut life than a budget backpacker’s point of view. Beach huts can vary between Rs 1,000 to 5,000 per night.

Where to Stay 

There is a broader assortment of choices in North Goa for all various budgets. Accommodations here are not as beachfront as they are in the South, and you can stay much more inland in towns and even villages. Anjuna is the most suitable area for backpackers, Mandrem has a more bohemian chic vibe, and Calangute is the epicenter of the delusion.

South Goa has fewer 5-star resorts in secluded stretches for people who don’t aspire to venture out. It also has many more options of the famous stilted beach huts and falling asleep to the sound of waves. Agonda is one of the most exquisite beaches in Goa, Palolem is the more occupied area, and Patnem is the more peaceful neighbor. 

Better for Sightseeing

North Goa has a lot more assortment of cultural landmarks, with Old Goa being the main enticement. If you have been to other sites in India, you will see mainly seen temples or mosques. Goa is full of beautiful churches because of the Portuguese influence. South Goa has activities around the beach, including sunbathing, reading, beach walking, kayaking, boat trips, chasing sunsets, and napping. 

Where & What to Eat

Beach cabins, fancy eateries, pizzerias, sunset dining alternatives, juice bars, vegan places, and even a few restaurants offer concerts and more of a late-night adventure in North Goa. Of course, South Goa has a few standout places to check out, but here you will essentially be eating at beach shacks and appreciating the view rather than being blown away by food as there are less well-known spots to pick from than the North. 

Wrap Up

Positively, you now have a more precise idea about whether you want to move to North or South Goa! Furthermore, if you’re lucky enough to have time for both, you now have some suggestions on where to go, what to view, and, most importantly, what to eat!

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