DeBounce as the best email verification tool

Email marketing is a very popular form of digital marketing. However it is not free from problems. Every good marketer wants to keep his target groups satisfied with carefully prepared, highly personalized and perfectly timed e-mails. But what if all those targeted and relevant messages still end up in the spam folder? Of course email marketing will not end up pleasing to the marketer and he will waste his time and money.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) use defense mechanisms to protect their consumers against unsolicited and harmful emails and are more vigilant than ever. The methods and techniques have become increasingly sophisticated over the years, but one of the most important tools that is still being used is email verification. Email verification or email validation is very important, especially if you are conducting an intensive email marketing campaign. By verifying email, you can minimize losses, both in terms of time and cost, in your email marketing.

What is email verification?

What is email verification? How important is that? Email verification refers to a collection of techniques designed to establish verifiable information about the origin of an email message. This is done on the basis of validating the identities of all intermediaries and parties involved in sending and / or adjusting the message.

The importance of email verification

Email verification is very important, especially if you use email marketing. You do not want to send promotional messages to invalid e-mail addresses. You also don’t want to provide free services or products to people who don’t have the intention to buy anything. There are emails that are made to deceive. You do not want to deal with them all.

How to do email verification

To verify email we need a special tool. Today we can find various verification tools but the best is DeBounce, located at debounce.io. There’s always a reason for everything, and so is the reason why DeBounce is the best email verification tool.

Why DeBounce? Why should you rely on this email verification tool?

In short, DeBounce works in 3 practical steps:

– This tool will clear your email contact list by detecting any invalid, non-operational and spamming voice mailboxes.

– DeBounce ensures that no one on your contact list receives (unsolicited) emails during the validation process.

– And finally DeBounce presents a list of clean emails that are truly effective for use in the email marketing process. With a clean contact list, you can plan your marketing strategy better. And most importantly, you can know that all your actions can target the target. Marketing that is not on target is your past!

So practical and so easy.

DeBounce offers a variety of interesting features such as:

– Disposable email checker
– Minimize bounce
– Deduplication email
– Email verification API
– Syntax eliminator
– Selectable download options
– Catch-all domain checker
– Domain confirmation
– MTA validation
– Spam-trap removal
– etc.

DeBounce is easy to use and you don’t need to be an IT expert to operate this verification tool.