DasCoin Boasts a Design That Can Solve Serious Issues with Cryptocurrencies

Meta Description: While the primary features of most cryptocurrencies remain attractive, they pose serious obstacles to adoption. However, DasCoin is here with solutions.

The digital currencies have been plagued by various problems since their inception. Basically, cryptocurrencies are characterized by non-regulation, anonymous transactions, and decentralization. However, the very features that attract most enthusiasts are a double-edged sword that has prevented global adoption. Nevertheless DasCoin has figured out a way of dealing with these constraints.


DasCoin eliminates volatility problems

There is no other scenario that demonstrates the volatility in this industry better than Bitcoin’s performance in the past year. Almost every digital currency on the market today is driven by demand, to a large extent. As opposed to bank notes and gold, the perceived value for cryptocurrencies stems from buyer demand, and this introduces an element of high volatility.

When a system lacks a great demand and supply mechanism that can successfully arrest volatility, it is easy to drive away consumers, as they are afraid of the uncertainties involved. Of course, there are some people who are impulse driven, but they also stand a higher risk of suffering losses.

In response to this situation, the DasEcosystemwas created to regulate volatility. To ensure that it remains stable, the team is focused on regulating the factors that make other digital currencies become unstable and highly volatile.



For most cryptocurrencies, the decentralization and anonymity serve as a serious hindrance to their success. There have been frequent instances when characters with criminal intentions took advantage of this aspect to further their agendas. As such, terrorists, money launderers, and drug cartels have managed to partake in activities that pose serious threats to national security in different countries.

Nevertheless, DasCoin believes in authentication and this is set to dissolve these obstacles. In addition, the founders have complied with existing policies on digital currencies.

To eliminate the security problems completely, the system uses a KYC model for better transparency. This implies that this network is comprised of consumers who are fully verified. At the same time, the smart chip embedded in the wallet is designed to authenticate any new sign-up on the system. In the end, this ensures there is goodwill, order, and improved safety for anyone on the platform.


Issues with legality

It is true that successful mining of digital currencies requires commitment and hard work. Nevertheless, most merchants and corporations haven’t started embracing the currencies as a convenient way of trading. At the same time, most governments haven’t issued official statements recognizing the cryptocurrencies.

In an attempt to dissolve this problem, DasCoin is ready to use the DasEcosystem as a tool to not only measure value but also safely store currency value in the same manner the fiat systems work. And since the system has an inbuilt exchange, you can effectively trade with other people on the platform. To make the deal sweeter, consumers will be able to buy or sell using the DasPay platform that supports millions of active merchants all over the world.

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