Customer Retention: What Makes Them Coming Back for More?

Customer Retention

While most business owners direct their attention on attracting new customers, improving their connection with existing customers is equally, or maybe even more important. 

Return clients are the lifeblood of any business, and thanks to socials like Instagram and Facebook, they have the power to be an online ambassador for their organization. Loyal customers not only pay for your services and product but are telling others about you, repeating the same customer retention strategies don’t really go well. Clients will come and go, often vanishing without ever letting you know why they’re not coming back. According to HubSpot, 55% of customers no longer trust the brand they buy from as much as they used to, while 81% trust advice from family and friends over that from a brand. 

If you’re out and about to work hard and keep your existing customers, here are a few methods to help you achieve that. 

Always Stay in Touch 

After a sale, devote time and other resources to continuing to build the relationship instead of just targeting the next transaction. You may spend time being active on socials, sending customers special incentives, and regular communication through email newsletters. Yet, there’s a thin line between keeping in touch and becoming a pain in the back.

Always Assume Customers Won’t Remember You. 

They may have purchased from you, but that doesn’t promise they will think of you the next time they need the product or service you offer. 

Remember that you’ll always be competing for customer attention, no matter what. If you offer services to other companies and you haven’t heard from them in a while, reach out and let them understand you would appreciate their future business. 

Make Returning Customers Happy With Incentives for Their Loyalty 

When a client referred your business or made a purchase, offer them an exclusive deal offer or something of value dedicated to loyal customers.

When clients receive rewards for desirable action on your company, they will feel valued and appreciated, and there’s a good chance of retaining their loyalty.  

You can also surprise your customer by simply remembering their name or offering something special as a gift on their birthday or another important life milestone. 

Offer a Valuable Upsell 

Upselling is a notable way to bring people back to your company. Customer retention usually relies on your capacity to offer an even more exciting opportunity than the one that made them come to you in the first place. Upselling is asking your existing customer base to try out a more expensive service or product. The more upsell prospects you show them, the more chances they have to make one – they already know your services and products, so they know what value you provide.

No matter the strategy you use, the bottom line is to ensure your clients have a memorable and pleasant experience interacting with your business. Also, make sure you can accurately measure if customers continue to have that experience.