Cryptocurrency – The Only Money That Solves Problems

Cryptocurrency solves problems

Crypto is the new level of currency, which is secured and easy to use. People also call it the currency of the future and the perfect investment. In simple words, cryptocurrency is secured digital money that uses cryptographic puzzles and problems to build its security. The majority of the cryptocurrencies are decentralized and based on blockchains, which is a distributed public ledgers. The most popular cryptocurrency is bitcoin and people who are interested in trading bitcoin may use an efficient and legit platform like Bitcoin Profit.

What makes them differ from all currencies is that these are usually not issued by any central authority or government, which theoretically makes them immune to government interference or manipulation. 

Why Does Cryptocurrency Stand Above the Rest? 

Today, the finest digital currency around is cryptocurrency. Calling it a kind of magic might still not do justice to crypto wonders. 

Cryptocurrencies are virtual currencies reinforced by cryptographic systems. They allow safe and secure online transactions without involving any third party or intermediaries. The word crypto refers to bundles of encrypted algorithms and cryptographic techniques that protect these entities including elliptical curve encryption, public-private keys, and hashing functions. 

Now coming to the important part, how these currencies are purchased. To do so, there are two ways, either you mine these cryptocurrencies or purchase them through any cryptocurrency exchange platform, Coinbase, Kraken, and others. Those cryptocurrencies that are popular like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple are hardly used for retail payments or transactions. 

On the other hand, the skyrocketing worth of cryptocurrencies has made them extremely hyped and popular as trading coins. To some extent, these assets are also used for cross-border transactions. 

 Why Is Cryptocurrency Called “The Money That Solves Problems”?    

Though cryptocurrency has received a lot of attention and hype in the past few years, it is still seen as an arcane topic by many. This is a surprise as people tend to react this way to discoveries. No wonder, the technology always leaves people in awe. Cryptocurrency is a new type of currency that operates on very unusual principles. Unlike our customary forms of payments, cryptocurrency does not depend on any authority and thus operates independent of any state’s financial systems, and is not centralized. The decentralized part raised some criticisms and issues concerning security but its potential to resolve problems that plague the present financial system makes everything go away. 

Problems Explained With Crypto 

Enabling Cross-Border Transactions 

The power to move currency from one area to another without using banks or any other financial establishment/intermediary is indeed groundbreaking and innovative. People who spend money overseas find cryptocurrency a blessing as it is a cheaper alternative to usual cross-border transactions and payment services which charge a huge amount as transfer charges. 

Digital currency enables those countries that do not have any stable banking systems to be able to hold wealth in value that is safe and independent of the government. For banks and other financial institutions, this will let them transfer money internationally without needing high charges linked with the present financial system. 

Works For Non-Bankers Too  

Cryptocurrency is accessible to everyone. For those who do not have a bank account due to affordability issues, or their residence area does not have a huge number of banks it can be a real deal to have a bank account and use fiat currency. 

Cryptocurrency brings a solution to all these issues. People all around the world, living anywhere will have open access to financial systems and you can exchange or trade cryptocurrency for local currency whenever you need it. 

Those who live in underdeveloped countries of the world and do not have access to banks can now easily use cryptocurrency. Moreover, users of cryptocurrency will be able to send money globally.

Reducing Identity Fraud 

Fraud, particularly identity fraud, has been an issue for years. In the year 2018, around 14.4 million U.S. consumers were abused by identity fraud. 

But with the dawn of cryptocurrencies, identity fraud has been reduced. This is only because cryptocurrencies do not attach to users’ names or their financial accounts. The key purpose of cryptocurrencies is to maintain anonymity. Users can easily buy, sell, trade, or swap them online and no one will ever be able to know their identity or financial account numbers. This is a bonus point as you do not have to stress about credit cards or bank account numbers being stolen or misused for wicked purposes.