Crowdfunding Video Tips That Will Help Entrepreneurs

If you need money for a unique idea that can become a business, then crowdfunding is the process which can help you generate funds.

Crowdfunding is a practice of funding a project or venture by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet.

To start a crowdfund in a proper manner, you should have a video that describes your ideas in a simple and effective way. Here are few crowdfunding video tips (low cost video making) for people who are looking to get started with new businesses.

Tip #1

Plan (More Than You Think You Need To) – The majority of your effort (yes, before you pick up a camera) should go into planning your crowdfunding video.

You might be tempted to wing it, but your lack of prep will show. Before you start writing, sit down and watch as many crowdfunding videos as you can find (especially ones similar to your own idea).

Make note of what grabs your attention (Design of a Business Card), and what makes you want to close the tab. When writing your script, remember that you want your audience to: Understand who you are.

Understand the story behind your project. See how your rewards (and your product) could benefit them personally. See how your product could benefit other people, once it’s created. Give you money.

As an example, you could address each of these points by:

  • Letting your personality shine through, and briefly talking about yourself and your passion.
  • Talking about what lead you to this moment in time—previous successes or failures, moments of inspiration, the hours of hard work you’ve put in.
  • Discussing some common pain points that are relatable, and demonstrating how you address these pain points.
  • Talking about your vision for the future of your product, such an an expansion.
  • Explicitly asking for the viewer’s support (this is very important, and should be the last thing in your video).

Tip #2

Be Yourself – People are funding you as much as they’re funding your project. They want to see you, hear your passion, and get excited with you.

When you’re on camera, bring all the energy you can muster, have fun, and smile. Leading up to your video shoot day, take the time to be the best possible version of yourself.

You don’t need to wear a suit and tie, but you should wear clothes that reflect your role within the company and look nice. In addition, give yourself enough time to get a haircut, buy some new clothes, or trim that beard – whatever is needed to make the best first impression!

Tip #3

Keep It Personal – Be sure to make your pitch personal but keep it professional. Show that you can put just as much care and attention into presenting your idea as you will executing it.

Sharing both personal and business insights is much more effective for inspiring your audience.

Tip #4

Video and audio quality are important – Shooting high-quality video on an iPhone or Android device is possible, but make sure the phone is on a tripod (or other stabilized device) and the audio is clear.

For lighting, record your video in a well-lit room or outside to get the optimal results. Before you hit action, shoot a sample scene. Look at it on your computer to make sure the lighting is correct and clear.

Consider buying a clip-on microphone that plugs into your phone rather than using the built-in audio that will sound hollow the further you get from your phone.

Speak loudly, clearly and have the phone at an appropriate distance to get good quality. Listen to a sample, and if it sounds too hollow or if every time you say a word that starts with a “p” the sound pops, do it over. Trial and error is the key here.

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Tip #5

PREPRODUCTION — STUDY A SUCCESSFUL VIDEO – When setting out to make a video of any kind, your first step should be to study good videos of the same genre that have come before you.

By viewing them through a critical lens, you’ll acquire insight into how they were made and what made them so successful. Let’s try it. You can do this exercise with any crowdfunding video you find engaging.

For the sake of this discussion, I’m providing you with an example right here in the post. Below is the Kickstarter video I filmed for “DropCatch,” which had 22,000+ views during the 30-day campaign. More significantly, 62% of viewers watched the whole thing from beginning to end. Press play.

Were you interested? Bored? Did you watch the entire video? A good crowdfunding video will grab viewers and, like a river current, carry them forward until the very end. Another element of good video is proper layering. If you’re up to it, I suggest you watch the video above two more times.

Watch it once on mute to isolate the visuals; this will help you focus on what’s happening in each shot and understand how all of the shots work together. Then, watch it again with your eyes closed to isolate the audio and take note of the various sound sources you hear. In either of these passes, I bet you’ll notice a few subtleties that you didn’t catch the first time around.

An engaging video will have many layers that, when combined, work together seamlessly and give the whole production a feel of being “full” and “complete.” This, of course, is not easy to do, but keep it in mind as the ideal as we move forward.

The above tips are taken from various sources : 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and curated by me.

If you have any more tips to add, please leave a comment below.