Criteria for Picking Java Developers for Your New Project

There is a huge demand for Java developers for companies that work on the latest applets and application development projects.

If you are about to hire somebody and you want to know what to check in a Java developer’s skills before starting, then you could check the candidate’s BA degree in Information Technology, software engineering or computer science. But this is not the only thing to consider, you might also want to look at their prior experience, even if they don’t have degrees or direct working experience. If they have, then you ought to consider them as well.

The developers you are about to employ should also have an understanding of a lifecycle of a software development project. Their skills should contain programming for the client side as well as the server side that are being used in Java projects.

Plus, their analytical and problem-solving abilities should also be checked out, which is again an important requirements for your team members.  Evaluation of the software made is another responsibility that Java developers should possess. Before delivery, they should cooperate with testers and ensure a bug free environment for the application made.

Below you will find a few more important criteria for Java developers that will help you hire a good programmer for your project.

  1. Knowledge of several Java technologies– Robust knowledge of language fundamentals, design patterns, scalability and specific components have to be there with other coding concepts and Java structures.
    • Programming languages like JDBC, JSP, jQuery, JSON/REST, JMS, EJB, JSF, JPA, MongoDB, MySQL should also come in handy.
    • Knowledge of solutions like ORM, MyBatis and Hibernate can also help a lot.
    • MVC, GWT and other service-oriented structures will help the overall project development.
    • Some more enterprise level apps – JNDI, RMI, Java Beans, and the tools like Eclipse, IntelliJ idea are also pretty handy in other technical skills.
  2. Java Certifications – There are plenty of certifications that a Java programmer should have, such as Oracle Certified Java SE Programmer, Oracle Certified Master Java SE 6 Developer, Oracle Certified Professional Java ME Mobile Application Developer, Oracle Certified Professional Java EE Web Component Developer, etc.
  3. Extensive portfolio – The more experienced your Java developers are, the more project they might have done, possibly in several industries.
  4. Teamwork and good management – A Java developer might be having a big project and he/she might need to work with other developers in tandem. It means that they all need to have a helping and collaborative spirit to get more out of the work they are assigned to.
  5. Project numbers done till now – The more experienced your developers are, the more comfortably your project will go. You should always ask about the amount of projects done by your developer in the past, of course successfully.
  6. Knowledge of the Cloud – Cloud-based technologies are booming now, and the programmer is to have at least the basic level of understanding there.
  7. Happy Clients – If your developer has done a number of projects, then he or she might also have happy customers that you can also cross-check. This is another important way to make sure your developer is good with clients.

Apart from these, there should be the knowledge of how projects are managed. I hope all the points above will provide you with sufficient knowledge on hiring your next Java developer. Do tell us in comments what you look for in a programmer while hiring.