Create Tag Cloud : 10 Tools That Generate Amazing Tag Clouds

create tag cloud

Building a nice tag cloud (depending on the terms that are extracted from any web page) isn’t all about fun. The post here is meant not just to show you tools which will build a great tag cloud but to inspire you also and share numerous creative methods to use these tools.

There are lots of online word cloud generators out there for the web users, however getting by free as well as good ones isn’t that simple. That’s why I’m sharing ten excellent word cloud online generators which are free. Read each one in the list below and see which suits your needs the best to create tag cloud for you.

create tag cloud

Here’s the list of 10 best tools to create tag cloud available for you:


This is a free online tool which allows the users to create tag cloud, or world clouds in much more different layout and fashion.  Wordle is the toy for generating the “word clouds” from whatever text you provide. These clouds provide greater eminence to words which appear more often in source text. You now can tweak the clouds with different color schemes, layouts, and fonts. The images you generate with Wordle are totally yours to use as you like. You also can print them, or save them at the Wordle gallery so as to share them with your friends and family.


With this tool, you can create tag cloud or word cloud of a different style and shape and send to friends etc like a post card.  This is a superb little web tool which takes words and then transforms them into graphical images.  This tool is alike in look with Wordle however works a bit differently. This has the additional benefit of graphically displaying the text inside letters.

tagCloud generator

This generator creates tag cloud in flash and html online with just some steps in download form. These generated and downloadable tag clouds which are produced also can be automated, thus you never again need to care for your cloud!


It is a website which allows you to easily create tag cloud in a very creative way. It is designed for the web masters who wish to place beautiful clouds on the web pages. The Tagul clouds have various advantages against the ordinary text clouds such as custom fonts, colors, cloud shapes, etc. and therefore Tagul clouds have a fancier look. These clouds are more interesting for your site visitors as they provide better users experience.


The word cloud is graphical representation of the word frequency. You easily can paste or type text into a box there on the home page and then press arrow button to see the generated word cloud. The form of a word cloud also can be altered utilizing the graphical buttons present above the cloud. It’s also simple to save as well as print the cloud simply by pressing a button. It is designed especially for the school kids.


ToCloud is online free generator to generate word cloud that uses word’s frequency as weight. Thus, generated words cloud of any page gives a fast understanding of how page is actually optimized for some words. ToCloud also is smart enough to take out phrases and its works better than most of the other word cloud’s generators available on the web. Using ToCloud on any blog, news site will allow the users to find regarding topics which are being discussed.

The tag clouds are famous in web 2.0 world. In case you have any blog or any account with the social networking websites, then you can make use of ToCloud and show the word cloud of pages and amaze your visitors and friends. If you are an SEO specialist, then you can make use of this tool so as to get much better insight in your client’s web pages.


This is another website which allows you to create tag cloud. However, unlike the other websites, they permit you to create the tag clouds from even more than plain text and URL links. Tagxedo is such a website which even allows you to create tag cloud from Twitter ID, RSS (lookup), and Del.icio.us. Tagxedo turns words such as famous speeches, slogans and themes, news articles, even love letters into visually striking word cloud, words sized appropriately individually to highlight frequencies of occurrence in texts body.

You can select the shape also if you wish to arrange tag-cloud in only one, or choose classic shape to simply arrange them in normal way. You further can edit that tag-cloud afterwards if you wish to. Once it is done, you can also save tag cloud in image format, print format or on web if you wish to embed that on your blog or website.


It lets you transform the text into the word clouds. You then can save as well as share them, so everyone can find them and enjoy them.


This is a website which allows you create tag cloud from a plain text, link or even any uploaded simple text file with words to state in tag cloud. The TagCrowd is the web application for visualizing the word frequencies in a text by creating what’s popularly known as the word cloud, tag cloud or text cloud. It specializes to make word clouds simple to read, compare and analyze, for a range of helpful purposes.

Utilizing the service is very easy, just enter words you wish to visualize in the tag cloud and configure settings. Click the “Visualize” to see the tag cloud.

In case you want to discover the most searched word of a website, simply enter a link of the website in URL bar and you’ll be displayed a tag cloud for the website with most searched/visited words bigger than the others, and least searched/ visited the smallest.


The tool allows anybody to sift through the text and create a word cloud of central words in the text. Simply copy and paste the segment of text and this tool will help you to feature the recurring word in it. This also helps to mark and sort different lists of the words important to the educators and provides visualization of words thesaurus relationships.