Create Chatbot with Appy Pie’s Chatbot Builder to establish better customer relationships

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Chatbots have always been of great use for the brands and businesses to establish stable relationships with their customers. In this era of artificial intelligence, chatbots are becoming popular solutions for businesses to deliver a delightful customer service experience. Chatbots are specially programmed robots that interact with the users quite like a live person. Whether you are running a small or a large-scale business, they are there to respond to all sorts of your customers’ queries and transfer their chats to live agents in case they need further assistance.

Chatbots are bringing in new ways for the businesses to run marketing. They initiate chat, ask users for what they need and respond to them with all relevant details and information that may help them out.

Benefits of having Chatbot for your Business Website

Chatbots work in a reasonable time with minimal cost, hence proving beneficial for the businesses that don’t have enough funds to hire a separate customer support team. The main purpose of chatbots is to support the business teams in strengthening their relations with their customers. Users don’t have to wait in a queue for the customer support agent to get back in touch with them or to initiate a live chat in order to respond to their queries. Users can just visit the company website, and chatbots are there to ask if they are looking for help or for some sort of information!

Some of the major benefits of using a chatbot for your business website are as follows:

  • Accessible Anytime: Chatbots can be accessed anytime. Users need not wait endlessly in a queue for a support advisor to get in touch with them and help. The only thing they need to do is, to visit the website and chatbots initiate chats proactively.
  • Customer Handling Capacity: Unlike humans who assist one user at a time, chatbots can have conversations with multiple customers at any given time. Don’t make your customers wait if you want to make a better reputation for your business. Chatbots work continuously and respond to each customer in good time.
  • User-friendly platform: Chatbots can easily be used for any kind of business. They are programmed perfectly to initiate chats with the users as soon as they visit your business website. Users just have to type their query and chatbot will come up with related information.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Chatbots assist users in the perfect way even if they are rude. It records the previous conversations, tracks user requirements and makes suggestions as per their choices. For example, you own a restaurant, not every person places the same order every time. Chatbots suggest food options based on their previous choices.
  • Brings down the expenses: Chatbots are way cheaper than the team of customer support executives hired to assist the users. A human can handle only a limited number of customers at a time but chatbots are capable of handling thousands of customers at a time, thus bringing down the number of resources you need to hire for your customer support team.
  • Provides clear conversation flow: As soon as the users visit the website looking for some information, chatbot initiates a chat and assists users with their queries. They respond with crisp answers and provide a clear conversation flow.
  • Works like an alternate sales channel: Chatbots can help businesses increase their sales as they are available round the clock. In this digital world, users don’t want to rush to the store to buy anything they need, rather they would prefer buying it online. They have internet connectivity on their phones where they check and select the product as per their needs. In case they have questions while making research, chatbots can provide all the answer and provide detailed information about the product, offering convenience to the users.

Businesses need chatbots to help their customers get instant responses to the queries they have. Appy Pie has introduced their own chatbot builder for businesses to help them stay relevant and updated with the industry standards. Appy Pie’s chatbot builders help users create chatbots that interact with their customers like a live person and make them understand how important they are for the business.

Why Appy Pie’s Chatbot Builder?

Using Appy Pie’s Chatbot Builder businesses can help their users check basic information instantly. One cool feature in the chatbots built on the platform is the ability to serve the users from different locations in their preferred language. For example, if you create a chatbot for a bank website, it will help your bank account holders in checking their basic details like their account balance, offers available on their account type, registered phone number or address, and many more in the language they are most comfortable with. Some easy to use features of Chatbot Builder come directly from the Appy Pie’s App Builder that has some really evolved features like create an app from Google Sheets, convert a website into an app, and more.

Appy Pie’s Chatbot Builder provides some great in-built features. Let’s take a look:

  • Customized Chats: Appy Pie’schatbot builder lets you edit the chat content and make it appropriate as per the business requirements.
  • Easy to use interface: Appy Pie’s chatbot builder offers easy to navigate chatbot interface which makes the chatbots both, desktop and mobile-friendly. Not only is it easy for you to use, but is quite convenient for your clients as well.
  • Audience targeting: Chatbots created usingAppy Pie’s chatbot builder targets audience as per their location. Users connecting from different locations get different chat content on the website, that is better suited and more relevant.
  • Booking Appointments: Appy Pie’s chatbot builder offers an inbuilt option of booking appointments in the chatbots so that you clients can book a slot as per their convenience and your availability.
  • Transfer to Live agent: Appy Pie’s chatbot builder creates chatbots that initiate chat with the users as soon as they access the website and transfer their chat to live agents if they need further assistance.
  • Customized Designs: Chatbots designed using Appy Pie’s chatbot builder can be customized in the way they look with flexibility in design and layouts. The chatbots can then be added to the website’s landing page or in the form of widgets.

Appy Pie’s chatbot builders don’t need any coding and are quick to create. They have multiple advanced features as mentioned above, and allow the users to create chatbots without coding. They work continuously and remain available for the users all the time. Appy Pie’s chatbot builder has the potential for enabling your businesses in offering an evolved customer care without burning through your entire budget. Not only is it affordable, but it doesn’t even need any specialized training or hiring. This means you save up on the two most important commodities – time and money!

Appy Pie’s chatbot builder helps users create chatbots for different kinds of businesses including banking, insurance, travel, HR, real estate, agency, education, hospitality, media and many more.