How does Craigslist Work to Sell your Priceless Possession

How does Craigslist Work… Yeah, selling items on Craigslist and making some extra cash as well as getting rid of imported perfume collection?

This article will make you understand the best way possible to position earlier priceless possessions to sell on Craigslist. Check this out!

Go to Craigslist.org. Unless you go there, you are not going to have a lot of luck selling on Craigslist!

How does Craigslist Work

Choose the state where you live. There is a list of big cites on the right side of the page that may reflect your region. You can right away select your city by entering yourcityname.craigslist.org. For example, let’s say Portland as city, and enter “portland.craigslist.org.” Choose the city that is closest to you if there is no listing for the specific city. Ensure to post the ad on one Craigslist city only as posting the same thing to multiple cities is against Craigslist Policy and Terms of Use.

Click on the post to classifieds button on the left side, under the Craigslist logotype. It will navigate you to a page ‘”What type of posting is this?”‘ It gives you a list of posting types. Craigslist has both “for sale by dealer” and “for sale by owner” areas. Usually “by owner” is for private individuals with just one or a few random used items to sell. In case you are a recurring seller, Be it with an inventory, or you resell items thru buy/make items, ensure to chose “by dealer”.

Click the for sale button which will navigate you to another category page that features a list of about 100 categories to choose from. Tap on the category which is most appropriate and in-context with what you’re selling. If no specific category fits your requirement, tap on the category general for sale.

Enter the posting information as the title and copy other information for the potential buyers who will see while they will be searching for what you’re selling. These fields are as follows:

Posting TitleWhat people will see as the heading in the search results.
PriceHow much you’re selling the item for.
Specific locationEnter the name of the county, part of town, or other general information. Do not enter the address.
Reply toPut your email address here. You can choose whether to have an “anonymous” address created for this ad, or not. In “for sale by owner,” it is generally the best choice in order to avoid spam. You may add the phone number but it is optional.
Posting DescriptionWhat you are really selling. Make it interesting, make it catchy. If get an idea about what or how to write sales copy, take a look at a catalog or newspaper ad and see how it is done. Rule is.. if it works for them, it’ll work for you!
Submit Pictures Pictures of what you’re selling are posted in this space. Ensure to post pictures of your actual item. You must avoid “stock” pictures from the manufacturer or the Internet. Craigslist allows you to add up to 24 images to the ad.

Check the listing for accuracy. You want to ensure your listing will get the attention it deserves. If your listing requires alternations, tap on the Edit Text or Edit Images buttons, and make those necessary changes.

Tap on the Continue button after getting satisfied about the outcome of your ad which is ready for prime time, press the Continue button at the bottom of the page. If you already have an account on Craigslist, your ad will be posted on Craigslist within 15 minutes of pressing the continue button. If you do not have one, you will be sent a notification through your registered email for responding to for your posting to become active.


That’s it! You’re just live with an ad on Craigslist!and now you know how does Craigslist work. Note that while you might see a notice appealing to wait for 15 minutes for your ad to get updated in the list or before the ad appears in search results, it might sometimes take longer, may be an hour or two, or in the list.