How To Count Words and Characters in a Doc or PDF

There are many ways to count words and characters in a document, in this article we will check out the best ones and few more innovative ones.

Let’s start by Microsoft Word.

Its probably very easy, but still some people may be beginners and that’s why I will show them a straight forward video.

for more detailed view you have to check the status bar or click on Review > Word Count on the menu or the Ribb0n.

This status bar will provide almost everything in respect to counting, like words, characters and lines etc.

You can also select a text and count that selected part as well.

Count Words on a PDF

PDF format is also very popular when it comes to alternatives of Word. There are many ways to count words in a PDF file. The simplest of them all is to copy paste text from a PDF file to Word by CTRL+A (Select All), then CTRL+C (Copy) and finally CTRL+V (Paste).

The second method would be to convert a pdf to word, this method can be used when the copy paste method can’t be applied due to too many pages in a PDF.

There are many pdf convertersthat are highly useful, especially Nitro PDF to Word.

The third method is the online word count tools, and worth a mention is Monterey Free PDF Word Count Tool

Apart from these three methods for PDF files, we also have few online tools if you are willing to count words from a website for another type of format.

These online tools areWordCounterandWord Counterboth have few extra features like count of standard words, numeric words, foreign words and time to read for an average person and more.

All of the above methods will give approx values and they are fairly accurate when you compare them.

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Do let us know, if you use any other tool. Comment below and share your views.