The Most Cost-Effective Platform For Billers/Utility Companies


Bharat Bill Pay can be one of the finest options out there with billers due to various reasons that we are going to cover below.

Brief Introduction Of BPPS

It would be better to get started with the introduction of Bharat BillPay. Bharat Bill Payment System is a Reserve Bank of India conceptualized ecosystem, managed by the NPCI. It is the one-stop destination for utility bill payments. You get the facility to do bill payment via digital channels like Net Banking, Website, App and via Physical channels like Agent, Bank-Branches etc. Bharat BillPay eco-system facilitates the bill payment option via virtual channels like – website, internet banking, Mobile app banking. In addition, it also has the indulgence of physical channels like – Agent/Kirana Shop, Bank-Branches, etc. customer can make choice in accordance to their convenience.

Ease in paying the bill

The procedure of paying the bills with Bharat Bill Pay is quite easy and less time taking. Here is a quick look about how to pay bills with this platform –

Step 1 – Get connected with Bharat BillPay bank

Step 2 – Click the Bharat BillPay option or Bill payment option

Step 3 – Search and choose the biller

Step 4 – Fill-up the customer’s bill details

Step 5 – Assure the details provided are genuine by verifying and proceed to pay option

Step 6 – Get the receipt of your payment

Why choose Bharat BillPay over other platforms?

There are a number of significant reasons behind preferring Bharat BillPay over other platforms. The list of reasons starts with –

  • You don’t have to use various applications or log-in again and again into different websites for paying bills.
  • You get the option of paying the bill at one destination via own preferred method (it could be internet banking/Mobile App Banking/ Bank Branches/Website, etc.)
  • It gives the option of making instant bill payments.

Additional perks attached with choosing Bharat BillPay

  • Confirmation of bill-being paid – One of the best parts about considering Bharat BillPay is that it gives instant confirmation by generating the receipt for customer. Therefore, the customer would be getting a receipt of the successful transaction after paying the bill.
  • No transaction charges – Another benefit of choosing Bharat BillPay is that there are no transaction charges at the time when payment of the bill is done by customer’s bank.
  • Pay via BHIM application – the customer can easily, safely and quickly pay their bills by using the BHIM application (available for Android and iOS). It is 100% safe application, developed by NPCI (National Payment Corporation of India).
  • Convenience – under the shadow of Bharat Bill Pay, a customer get fullsurety about convenience. Just give a visit at nearby outlet of Bharat BillPay, website or application for paying the bills in one Go.
  • Pay multiple bills – Bharat BillPay permits to play multiple categorized bills under one roof. The recent list of utility bills that can be paid under it is –
  • Electricity/ Power
  • Telecom (Landline, Postpaid, Broadband)
  • Gas
  • Water
  • DTH recharge
  • Digital Option Of Paying Bill – Bharat BillPay gives the option of paying bill digitally to their customers i.e. less hustle and comfort.
  • Better Support System – this ecosystem has their customers on the top of their priority list; consequently they work hard every day for providing best support system to their customers for a better and smooth experience. The support services can be engaged via call and E-mail both.
  • Trustworthy – the Bharat BillPay has no loophole and can be trusted completely. It is providing one-stop bill payment ecosystem with conceptualized indulgence of RBI (Reserve Bank of India) and driven by NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India).


It was the complete information about “How Bharat BillPay has changed the paying bills procedure from time-consuming, expensive to so easy and cost-effective. Hence, great numbers of wise users have already shown their intelligence by making a switch; try to get counted with them before it’s too late. Paying bills would be quick, easy and cost-effective under the light of Bharat BillPay; no more requirement of paying more and waiting for days for confirmation. As per indulgence of RBI and NPCI; making bill payments with it has become more simple and safe.

Image Credits: Cost-Effective from LeoWolfert/Shutterstock