Coolsculpting for arms


Coolsculpting is a modern beauty direction, where people may decrease fat in problematic body zones with nonsurgical cooling techniques. It works on the principles cryolipolysis to ruin fat cells on the zones, which cannot react to count calories and workouts. CoolSculpting is possible for such parts of the body which are

  • Belly
  • Femurs
  • Lower back
  • Sides
  • Legs
  • Arms
  • Buttocks
  • Chin

It takes nearly an hour for the healing of the goal body areas. Large body parts require more attention and care than small ones.

The procedure of cryolipolysis: duration, side effects, and requirements

The procedure doesnít require any painkillers, incisions, and needles. But the reactions are unavoidable. They are the following:

  • Tugging
  • Numbness
  • Stinging
  • Bruises
  • High skin sensitivity
  • Tenderness
  • Swelling
  • Aching
  • Nerve damage is excluded. Numbness may last a few weeks

The duration of the procedure is from 20 to 35 minutes for each part. The recovery should take some time. The client may have a daily routine almost immediately.

This operation is prescribed for people, who have already gained the ideal weight, not to lose it. CoolSculpting doesnít heal obesity and put in place of a healthy way of life. Balanced diet and training can help to keep the received form. Before and after pictures may positively impress the audience.

Clients donít need preparation for coolsculpting. Only some requirements must be followed: a body in good condition, normal weight. After the practice there is a recommendation provided: donít take anti-inflammatories.

Cost and limitations

How much does coolsculpting cost for arms in particular? The cost changes from $550 to $1000 for each arm, including the work of an expert, several procedures to get a desirable result. The price in Toronto is fixed according to the scope of the problem zones, applicators, and the wanted outcome.

The program device is moved along the skin while applying absorption and freezing. The client may feel pulling and punching during the process. After that the expert massages the cared areas to improve the effect. The fixed results are 15 to 85 % fat cut after one operation in the healed parts.

During the cryolipolysis, a plastic surgeon or other doctor applies a specialized tool to freeze the particular body parts to fixed low temperatures. This action kills fat cells. While the care is going on, the dead cells are ruined and cleanse out from the organism by the liver.

In case of any medical practice, the client has to visit the primary care physician to determine Coolsculpting fits for them. The risks and benefits of the process must be discussed and studied beforehand. The limitations are

  • the Raynaudís disease,
  • cryoglobulinemia,
  • cold agglutinin disease,
  • PCH.

Sometimes there is also a chance to have enlarged fat cells sometime after operation. It is called paradoxical adipose hyperplasia.

To feel more comfortable aftercare, the client may follow some easy instructions:

  • Bring something interesting to read or play
  • Prepare some snacks to avoid nausea
  • Wear comfortable clothes
  • Be active to prevent painful feelings
  • Consult with a physician about any aftereffect.

Benefits of Coolsculpting also include the fact that people, who apply it, donít have any fat cells again in cured areas and no incisions.

The result justifies the means. The client gets desirable forms and no harm to health.