Top 3 Content Marketing Trends You Need To Embrace

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Yes, 2018 is here and everyone in the content marketing industry is looking for how to increase their revenue through content marketing. Well, it is important to note that this mode of doing business has greatly changed and SEM, SEO and social media seem to be going in that direction.

As such, content marketing continues to change day by day just like in other digital fields. For many years most of us have witnessed trends like brands turning into publishers, local advertising and video playing a critical role in content programs. What then has 2018 to offer you as a content marketer? Well, to find the answer to this query, go to Here, you will find an opportunity to look at some of the trends which you can adopt to suit your content marketing needs. You may also want to find out why high-end brands are deploying content in their marketing strategies. All these info is contained here.

In this article, we will delve deep into what we believe are going to be the 2018 widely implemented content marketing trends. Let us look at these first three:

1. Content hyper-personalization

According to statistics, many participants believe that the most popular brands do not rely on video or post; thus, marketers have opted to creating several pieces of content just for a single promotion. This is argued in a verse that the increase is due to content hyper-personalization by marketers to cater for their multiple sections.

For you to fully understand this, Google has come up with an exclusive service known as Director Mix. This service enables brands to send multiple videos in just one campaign. The type of video a user is watching is based on a number of factors such as behavior, demographics (whatever they choose to click on or search), their existing apps and also their physical position (through Google maps information).

Using the information herein, marketers can boast of having the required info to create relevant content to their clients. As an example, you will find a user whose search query is related to sport stores being exposed to a video related to skiing in case they had been in the skiing field lately.

2. Deployment of influencers is highly increasing

Yet, another top 2018 marketing trend is where those in attendance highlighted on the increased deployment of influencers by businesses. Although this is a trend that has been there for years and was mostly used in cosmetics and luxury industries, it is now obvious that almost every brand is out there trying to form partnerships with people with great following on social media networks.

This sudden turn of events is attributed to the idea that marketers want to find a way to send the message regarding their service or product more authentically instead of just promoting it.

As such, various new entrants to influencer marketing products are opting for the micro-influencers (10,000 to 100,000 following) as opposed to the old guards who go for the big names (opinion leaders) boasting of over a million followers. According to participants, the micro-influencers may not be highly reward just for assisting to deliver content; however, they stand to benefit from advanced notice, internal understand or free brand offers to enable them create relevant content to suit their users.

3. Content localization

Ultimately, a trend that has also been identified by participant is that quite a good number of content marketers are leaning towards content localization. According to studies, while content production was done at the global headquarters and distributed to locally-based offices for rendition and publishing, this has greatly changed as it come to the realization of global brands that offering rendition to pieces of content is not working any more. Thus, there is no way for content produced at the EU HQ will have an impact on consumers from South-East Asia.

As a matter of fact, most participants attested to the fact although there may still be some worry between the two offices, this trend focuses mostly on creating content locally. Click on the above link to learn more of these content marketing trends in 2018.