Conqueror’s Dominion Region of the Atlas Tree in Path of Exile

Atlas Tree in Path of Exile

One of the most impactful regions of the Path of Exile Atlas passive tree is Conqueror’s Dominion. This section governs how players engage with late-game bosses and progress their Atlas completion. With the right investments, players can optimize farming strategies around specific bosses and maps as well as manipulate map modifiers. In this guide, we’ll analyze the key nodes in Conqueror’s Dominion and provide farming strategy recommendations for maximizing returns with your Atlas build.

The Conqueror’s Dominion region covers Atlas progression mechanics like encounters with the game’s four Conqueror bosses – Sirus, Veritania, Al-Hezmin, and Drox. Nodes here influence how you earn Watchstones to socket into your Atlas, governing Conqueror spawn rates, their influence on maps, and rewards from defeating them.

Reroll Redeemer influence on maps

  • Allows you to reroll Redeemer influence on maps, granting control over her domain.
  • With this node, target farm your preferred Redeemer influenced map mods like additional packs for density and rarity.
  • Redeemer’s optimal mods for selling well-rolled influenced maps or running for her specific drops like Divine Vessels.

Outside of influence manipulation, other beneficial Conqueror’s Dominion nodes boost map tier drops from bosses. This supports sustained high-tier mapping through natural map returns. Nodes that improve Conqueror and Elder Guardian loot tables directly increase returns on focused farming strategies. By pounding specific endgame bosses, you can target farm their unique PoE Orbs and Divination cards.

Encounter a Conqueror 20% more often

  • Grants a massive boost to naturally encountering your targeted Conqueror influence on maps.
  • Utilize this node alongside Sextant mods that guarantee their influence or map devices that force influence for deterministic farming.
  • Allows rapid, sustained grinding of bosses like Veritania for items or Drox for six-linking chance from his cards.

For players pushing endgame Atlas progression or hunting specific boss drops, direct investment into Conqueror’s Dominion proves highly rewarding. Popular strategies center around sustaining and influencing certain maps to repeatedly fight bosses. With the right passive investments, you can shape your Conqueror progression perfectly around focused farming goals like crafting bases, divination cards or unique drops only obtained through specific late-game bosses.

overall, the Conqueror’s Dominion region provides immense control over the endgame grind. Targeting increased Conqueror and Guardian spawn rates alongside influence manipulation allows highly efficient progression strategies. Combined with efficient mapping builds, players can optimize income generation from late Atlas bosses through strategic Atlas passives. Whether your priorities lie in fast progression, unique acquisitions, or high-value item crafting, Conqueror’s Dominion opens new possibilities for specialized endgame farming.

Some final tips for maximizing Conqueror farming include maintaining Watchstone balance across your Atlas, using Scarabs and Sextants to boost target content, and respecting passives as needs change. With practice shaping efficient strategies around your Atlas setup, experience optimal returns from key bosses through focused farming unlocked by the revamped endgame progression.

By combining informative farming strategies with the right balance of Atlas passive investment, players can gain immense control over late-game progression and drops. Cheap POE currency can further support optimized grinding by supplementing builds with valuable upgraded gear and consumables like Scarabs for stacking farming buffs. With experimentation, any dedicated Path of Exile player can start to truly optimize their endgame grinds and maximize income from targeted Conqueror farming.