If your computer won’t turn on

In case you are experiencing problems in your computer while booting Windows or any other OS, the possibilities are way more.

If you have all the idea of how and why PC fails to turn on, you can have all this in this article. In case you press the power button, and your computer wonít turn on, you may have a different problem than if the PC starts, but Windows wonít load.

Mentioned here are few of such possibilities:

On pressing the power button and nothing happens that you might be experiencing the problem. It also means that PC is not getting electricity. Then you have to unplug the power cord and check it out for any breakage or any other damage. In case you get damaged cord, then you have to replace it. But, if this isnít the case, then make sure all the plugs are at their places firmly.

Even after the PC wonít turn on then, you should plug something else into the power socket to check whether it is having a problem with an electric outlet, or there is any problem with the surge protector. Make sure that surge protector hasnít been disturbed resulting in no power to the system.

In case the cord is fine, and electric outlet works perfectly fine, then replace the power cord or the AC adopter in the case of laptop. In this case, you have to buy a new cord according to your model.

If the problem is not with the power supply and nothing fixes your problem then replace Desktop power supplies which are quite cheap and can be replaced all by yourself. If it isnít the case with laptop, then you need to hire a skilled technician to do the job,

In case the PC starts but doesnít load the Windows, then click on PCís setup program, check out whether the hard drive is recognized and in the right boot sequence. You can also consider booting your PC with live Linux disc, or you can also use a flash drive in case you are able to access the driveís contents.

So, this is how you can determine why your computer wonít turn on. Itís a best practice if you keep checking the hardware of the PC regularly and their working state, this can save a lot of troubles. One should also make sure that the software configuration or OS is right.