Comprehensive Guide on How to Make Money on YouTube

Comprehensive Guide on How to Make Money on YouTube

Everyone aims to become a YouTube star because this makes you a celebrity overnight. Becoming an influencer and building a successful YouTube channel is difficult because it requires effort, skill, and time to create video content, entertain, gain loyal fans, and become popular online.

Making money mightn’t be the main reason you started a YouTube channel, but many opportunities exist for you to start generating revenue on the platform. Various avenues exist to benefit from YouTube earnings, and you can use them to earn revenue streams. As a YouTuber, you can make money through your audience and many other means. Wondering how to make money on YouTube? Read on to discover more!

How to Make Money on YouTube

There are many ways of earning from the YouTube platform. One can make more money through multiple means to cater to his daily needs. You can use a YouTube money calculator to check how much YouTubers make with their channels. These include;

1. Become Part of the YouTube Partner Program

YouTube ads are the foremost revenue stream you can utilize if you’re wondering how to make money on YouTube. Suppose you aim to earn money without making more videos or want to be a video creator and make YouTube videos. In that case, it’s important that you join the YouTube Partner Program and set up monetization.

However, one must abide by all of YouTube’s policies and reside in an acceptable place before becoming a YouTube Partner. Additionally, it depends on how many subscribers you have. You must have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch times in the previous year. Once you fulfill all these, you can enable monetization. Follow these steps to do so;

• Log in to your YouTube account.

• Proceed to your top right corner and select your account’s icon.

• Click YouTube Studio.

• Press Other Features > Monetization.

• Go through the YouTuber Partner Program’s terms, then give your consent.

• Proceed to make a Google AdSense account or join a previous account to your YouTube channel.

• Start setting any monetization preference of your choice.

• Then, go to your dashboard before clicking the Analytics tab.

• Afterward, select Revenue at the top tab before moving to the chart Monthly Estimated Revenue to see what the YouTube revenue will look like.

2. Earn Through YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium is a membership program where fans can watch and be supporting their favorites even without advertisements. Premium pays content creators according to the number of members watching their content. YouTube Premium subscribers’ earnings are another revenue stream that you can add to the one you are making through ad revenue.

3. Sell Products

One can sell various products to earn money via his YouTube channel. Selling merch like cups, tops, bags, etc will benefit you greatly. You should try this out if you’re thinking of how to make money on YouTube.

The sale of products will increase one’s exposure and make the brand popular. Also, it will deepen your interaction with your target audience because they’re buying goods from your personal brand. Also, you’re free to join other YouTubers’ merchandising networks.

However, you should have a personal e-commerce site where you manufacture and sell your own products. Then, you power your brand via your YouTube channels. Through this means, you can drive traffic for your site and blog post.

4. Crowdfund

Crowdfunding is an amazing means of getting funds for your channel if you’re thinking of making money on YouTube. If you want to buy good equipment, hire actors, or cover the costs of creating videos, you’re free to tell your fans and community to help when you have a captivating idea.

Many progressive crowdfunding projects offered trailers and unboxing videos, which excited fans. Therefore, you can shoot a video with the comments section open to explain what you’ll use the revenue generated for or offer trailers on it.

There are common crowdfunding websites that have proven tracks of successful projects like Kickstarter. It is among the most popular crowdfunding websites for funding creative projects.

5. Do Fan Funding

This is just like crowdfunding projects. You’re free to create funding streams for sourcing donations from fans. As a creator, you contribute your effort and skill online and don’t force fans to pay. If you offer high-quality content, your fans can start supporting you from time to time, just like an official artist channel.

Many funding sites give content creators a different place where fans can discover their engaging content, interact together, and give rewards. There are some good practices for you to utilize if you’re doing fan funding to ensure more credibility. Start by creating transparency on the way you’ll spend the money.

It will make the community tab put interest in your entire channel. Then, you can offer rewards that entice them for even greater results. When you use the right strategy, you’ll be able to receive more donations. There are common funding options, and they are;

YouTube Super Chat and Super Stickers: Super Chat is one of YouTube’s features utilized whenever live streams are going on. It’ll allow someone to create an avenue for viewers to start donating any amount whenever they’re ready to contribute. To do this, one must set up his account for ads.

Channel Memberships: Channel memberships allow viewers to start supporting a channel via monthly fees. This is in place of some benefits and rewards. However, just like in Super Chat, you must join the YouTube Partner Program to access it.

Patreon: This is a membership site where creators can easily get paid. People can subscribe to their favorites for one dollar monthly to receive unique rewards.

6. License Your Content

When you create videos that appeal to the masses, you’re free to license the content in place of money. TVs, media outlets, news websites, and even other creators can call you about the rights to utilize your video when it becomes viral. You should try this out if you’re thinking of how to make money on YouTube.

You’re also free to use a Creative Commons license and put up your videos in marketplaces so that they can be easily found by the right audience who will like to buy them. You should always create content with good sound quality to attract more customers.

Creating content and uploading videos will make it easy for you to attain the minimum number of viewers. Also, as you’re targeting your videos in a particular niche and viewers, your audience will start subscribing to see more amazing content.

You should know that making entertaining videos will receive higher views. Therefore, you must dedicate enough effort and time to plan and produce content. Additionally, it’s essential to create thumbnails and utilize powerful video descriptions to start attracting viewers’ attention.

7. Become an Influencer

Businesses invest more in influencer marketing and sponsorship nowadays. They spend a large budget on influencers with many loyal fans on YouTube. Therefore, it is an amazing opportunity to start earning if you’re good at negotiating great deals.

A YouTube marketing expert even recommends establishing your fee by knowing how many views you receive on your short-form and long-form videos. There are some influencer marketplaces that a content creator can include in his own channel for brands, including large ones and upcoming ones, to discover him easily.

8. Be an Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is when you earn a commission after you promote products or services for other brands. One can be an affiliate marketer for businesses and do product placement, endorsement, and other forms of marketing even on other social media platforms.

But you must let your viewers know about the partnership in the video. This will work better if you’re reviewing goods in your channel. The only disadvantage is that there aren’t risks on the part of the brand because they’ll only make a payment anytime a sale is recorded.

This makes this form of earning a difficult one for beginners. You can use ClickBank, a common affiliate program that offers various sizes of commissions. This depends on the amount the seller put up. You’re also free to contact businesses in your niche that run affiliate programs in their own line.


How Many Views Must I Have to Get Paid on YouTube?

You must have 4,000 watch hours in the last 12 months or 10 million valid public YouTube Shorts views in the last 90 days before YouTube can pay you.

How Much Will YouTube Pay Me For 1000 Views?

The rate per 1,000 views for an average YouTube channel is about $1 or $2. Also, this rate varies and depends on factors like your niche, audience, ad type, etc.