The Complete Journey of Mac Computers over the Years

apple's mac os

Apple products are popular all over the world for their quality and performance. More than 1 billion Apple products are doing their rounds all over the world with the company crossing revenues of $233 billion in 2015.

One of the iconic products of Apple is the Mac computer which has its origin in the 1970s. Over the years they evolved and became refined with superior performance.

Let’s check out the interesting development of the Mac begging from the early years.

Early Years

Apple computers made their presence felt for the first time in 1984 with release of their Macintosh computer. Prior to this the company had sold few models of Apple 1 and Apple 2 with standard 4KB RAM for $1,298.

The 1984 Mac had triple the memory of Apple 2 and the first popular model. It launched during the Super Bowl and came with a monitor, mouse, keyboard and floppy drive. In 1986 Apple introduced the Macintosh Plus which had SCSI ports to connect external devices like printers and hard drives.

The 1987 model of Macintosh II was the first Mac with color display. It also had two floppy drives. Apple also made their first battery powered Macintosh Portable in 1989 weighing 16lbs.

Mac during 1990s

During 1991 Mac released their commercially successful laptops PowerBook 100, 140, and 170. They were really popular and earned Apple $1 billion in revenue.

Apple also launched a limited edition “Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh” in 1997 to celebrate the occasion. With a price of $7,499 it came with a leather wrist pad. Apple also included a TV tuner card and CD ROM in the Macintosh TV which came in black.

After some financial problems Apple came back in full power with the colorful iMac G3 in 1998. They originally came in blue and later expanded to 13 color offerings. The Mac had modern day technological additions like CD ROM, USB Port and could connect to the internet.

2000 to Present

Many upgrades of the iMac were made till now including the iMac G4 which had an adjustable floating LCD monitor.

The Mac Mini was targeted towards windows users and came without any keyboard, mouse and monitor. The mini version of the Mac hit the market in 2005.

One of Apple’s most iconic products, the MacBook made its appearance in 2006. The original design came in black or white and became the best-selling product.

The first MacBook Air launched in 2008 didn’t click with the public but the 2010 version became successful. The iMac ultra-thin version was introduced in 2012 with a screen width of only 5mm.

Apple also launched the MacBook Pro in 2014 which together with the other MacBook versions are the most sold laptops around the world.

Do More With Your Mac!

You can do a lot more on your Mac than just work though. If you have the right program, you could play most of the games too. The only problem that you cannot play games on your Mac is that Mac computers do not support a .exe file. If you can have a work around on that, you have nothing to worry about since Mac computers are powerful too. It’s time to start playing on your Mac – let the games begin!