Common Signs That You’re Buying A Fake Laptop


You have been saving up to buy yourself a new laptop and it hasn’t been an easy journey. And now that you have hit that target, you feel it’s time to take that next step; head to the stores for your much-anticipated machine. But before you make that final transaction, there are some things you should know to help you avoid purchasing a fake one. Well, not unless you’re ready to lose your hard earned money to under-quality, which we highly doubt.

Here are the common tale-it-signs you should never ignore;


Image Source : Pixabay

Small Omissions In Print Out Features

Laptops, like any other products, come with user manuals, packages and some inscribed words/features of the product itself. Most of the time this has to do with the brand name, logo, codes and other serial numbers. While the original comps have everything in order, fake ones tend to omit some minor details that you might not even notice if you aren’t careful or familiar. So it’s better to take with you an expert to help you in the selection process or crosscheck the ones in the store with those on the manufacturer’s website.

Lack Of Contact Details

Most individuals don’t pay much attention to this, especially with the excitement that comes with the purchase. They will notice later on when the machine is already faulty and there’s nothing to do about it. Save yourself this frustration by ensuring the manufacturer’s contact details (email, phone) are listed on the product or the packaging. If they are mysteriously missing, then avoid it by all means.

Poor Quality


Image Source : Pixabay

There’s no way a fake product can meet the exact qualities of the original one. And the same case applies to laptops. And you can easily identify one by carefully evaluating their material construction, screen, keyboard,etc. Sometimes, even the general appearance might be slightly different from the original ones on the manufacturer’s website. According to clever shop list, a renowned online electronics store, paying attention to the various features of the laptop you seek to buy, will ensure you get a perfect one according to your needs. And that includes cross-examining the size, keyboard and screen quality, among others. So if you feel you can’t hack in your own, consider hiring a professional.

Unauthorized Stores

As you make your laptop rice comparisons from one store to the next, ensure you settle for a genuine one. But how can you identify one? It’s pretty simple actually. Nowadays, most stores have an online presence, so head there and see the reviews about it. Also, ensure that they have contact details and they have been licensed for the services they’re offering. You can also visit the manufacturer’s website and see if that particular store has been listed as one of its retailer outlets. Anything to cushion yourself from scams is worth it.

With the many products in today’s market, it’s very easy to come across fake ones. So as much as you can’t contain your excitement for a new laptop, it’s advisable to evaluate it for any refurbished features. And we hope the above tips will help you achieve this in your next shopping spree. Be on guard!

Image Credits: Laptop from guteksk7/Shutterstock