9 Common Myths About iPhone

iPhone is my favorite mobile device since few years now and over the years I have heard many misconceptions and myths about iPhone. These myths are so common that many of tech programs have featured them, still some people might want to read them.

Here in this article you will find some of the most common myths about iPhone that I have personally heard or read a few times. I am sure people would love to add on to this list, and i am always open to add more.

So, clear all your myths and if you still have a new one that’s not on the list, please drop a comment below and we will rectify it.

myth about iphone

Myth About iPhone :

1. “You cannot charge your phone the whole night”. There is no proof of iPhone batteries getting bad or acting fuzzy if you charge it all night. Infact, Li-ion batteries are smart enough to hault charging when they are fully charged.

2. “Once your iPhone has broken screen or the volume button has stopped working, they can’t get back in original working state.” If your phone gets repaired properly it will work just fine and don’t get worried about buying a new one as it will never work properly.

3. “You don’t need to turn off the iPhone.” Well to have a longer battery life, every phone must be given a time off, may be in a weeks time. It will ensure longer battery operations and a longer life of your device.

4. “More megapixel means better image quality.” This is a common myth among smartphones and is a popular myth about iPhone. People use to think that the newer iPhone hasn’t got 13 megapixels like other competitors like samsung, sony and nokia. In fact iPhone’s 8 Mega Pixel camera has better image quality then many others.

5. “Charge only when its completely dead or about to die” iPhone has a limited number of life cycles of mobile charging and once it gets completely dead it means that cycle is finished, so you can recharge it in between say 20 – 30% and your iPhone will live longer.

6. “iPad charger will damage your iPhone if you regularly charge it with iPad’s charger” Nope nothing gonna happen to your iPhone nor the iPad charger and nor the charger wire.

7. “iPhone protector is the most needed for keeping your phone safe” Its about handling and how you use the phone, iPhone has a gorilla screen that protects more than what it requires. So don’t be hyper about buying a screen protector for iPhone.

8. “Don’t use iPhone while it charges”. You can always use your phone when its charging without any hesitation, just remember to use a legitimate charger from the Apple. Third party charging wires can be fussy.

9. “More Apps on iPhone will drain your battery faster”. Number of apps has no meaning in this digital age, but if you have a notifications, alerts from those apps than the battery will drain fast, so remember to keep those apps active that are important to you.