Common Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2022

Email marketing nowadays has become the most talked-about and trendy way of marketing. Do you know that an email worth $1 can generate up to $42 and hence is considered the most effective form of marketing?

But if you want to truly succeed and earn from it, then perfection is the key. And to become perfect, you have to avoid common mistakes that can deteriorate your email marketing. In this article, we will discuss all those traditional blunders one should avoid in email marketing. Letís get started.

7 Most Common Mistakes Made by People While Making Money Through Email Marketing

1. Infective Headings

The foremost thing one notices in an email is the headline. And there is an abundance of emails a person receives in a day. Hence one should have catchy headings of email, but at the same time, they should not be as catchy as it appears like spam.†

Headings should be sweet and professional, and specifically personalized. Customers love to feel like VIPs, so personalized headings work best, enforcing users to open it.

2. Excessive Use of Stock Images and Illustrations

The introduction of Free stock images in the market has increased its users everywhere. But email marketing is not the field where you can excessively use such stock images. You can use a few of them in illustrating graphs and conversion rates. But exaggerated use makes your email look insignificant.

3. Not Creating Mobile-Friendly Layouts

By the year 2025, there will be around 7,296 million Smartphone users worldwide so not creating mobile-friendly layouts can crumble marketing. The design should be such that it supports both iOS and Android devices effectively. The loading speed and quality of content should be decent.†

4. Not Including CTA

Your email should have a specific purpose but the common mistakes marketers make is they forget, including a call to action. Or they consider adding sharing buttons of email or shop now options as CTA.†

But the call to action should be according to the content of the email you have sent to the customer. For instance, if the email is about a hosting occasion, then CTA must include signing up for the occasion.

5. Not Delivering Warm Welcome Mails

This is a small but the most common and considerable mistake done by marketers.

If a subscriber has reached out to you via your website or any other media, then it directly means that the subscriber is interested in the product.

Now if you donít send a warm welcome mail, then the very next day, one will forget about you. Hence a welcoming mail is significant.

6. Dispatching Tons of Mail Every other Day

What is the purpose of sending a bunch of mail every other day? Even if a user is interested in your product, one will not go to buy it frequently so, sending a single email once a week is sufficient for dealing.

7. Not Altering Content

Another common mistake is sending similar content mails The same content doesnít mean the body of the content. It means the same subject behind the mail.

For instance a few people may demand discounts while some may like direct or newsletters so altering content is crucial.


Hence these were the common seven mistakes everyone makes in making money with Email marketing. Just get aware of these blunders and correct them.

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