CocoFax: Review of Free Online Fax Service

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Fax is a preferred method of communication for countless businesses globally. The protection and confidentiality granted by fax communication are unmatched. CocoFax is one of the most successful online fax services used by experts all over the world. It can be essential to learn how CocoFax fares when we are talking about its fax services.

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CocoFax is an open online fax service provider which you can utilize to send faxes from your computer or phone immediately through the internet. There is no requirement for a phone connection or even a fax device. With CocoFax, you receive a series of characteristics that affect business fax resolutions. While most online fax services provide you the liberty to send faxes to anyone, CocoFax also allows you to receive faxes as well.

CocoFax serves as a translator within the internet and fax technology. Therefore, all the faxes you transmit and receive through CocoFax and switched to another medium. It allows two channels to send and accept faxes.

Cocofax’s Web Dashboard

The web dashboard of CocoFax can be reached once you have a CocoFax account. This dashboard initiates in any web browser of your selection. You can send faxes from here and review your received faxes here at any moment.

Email to Fax Service

The email to fax of CocoFax enables you to fax from email instantly. You can forward faxes from your Gmail account or any other email client and accept faxes now on them too.

Free Fax Number 

CocoFax allows the option to send faxes without telephone lines; it also takes care of the fax number for you. CocoFax assigns you your fax number, which you can manage to send and receive faxes. The free fax number granted by CocoFax is valid for a limited time, and its goal is so you can check out CocoFax’s assistance. If you love the fax number, you can sign up to hold it permanently.

Custom Fax Number 

When you accept a CocoFax account, CocoFax provides you the opportunity to pick your fax number. It is a great encouragement as well as a luxury.

Sending and Receiving Faxes 

CocoFax has multiple ways for you to send and receive faxes. With each method, the steps to use it are very simple.

CocoFax’s Unique Selling Points

Delivery Reports: You will receive a delivery confirmation of every fax that you post. You receive notifications in your email as well as CocoFax’s dashboard.

Faxing Images: CocoFax supports sending and receiving fax documents. You can send the picture file directly with CocoFax.

Email to fax: With CocoFax, you can now send faxes directly from your email. You can receive faxes in your email inbox too.

No App Installation Required: CocoFax allows you unparalleled portability by equipping you with a web dashboard. You can transmit and receive faxes from this web dashboard for any device without downloading any app on the arrangement.

Lifetime Storage: CocoFax stays safe with all the faxes you send and receive. You can learn about them at any time later through CocoFax’s dashboard. You can decide to delete them if you choose, else they will be accessible to you forever.

CocoFax’s User Support: No matter how safe and straightforward features are already in an application, good customer care is a must. Most apps have good commodities, but they neglect to give decent support to the user. It has a good customer support crew set up that is available to handle the queries and complaints of its users 24×7. The response from customer support is prompt, and they hold the issue as soon as possible.

The brand value of a stock lies in how they manage their users. It is why CocoFax has such a high brand value. You can provide any feedback and suggestions to CocoFax at  https://cocofax.com/contact.html or mail at: support@cocofax.com


You get to enjoy the first month free. If you like CocoFax’s services during the first month, you can only renew it for the second one. If you cancel during the first month, you are not charged anything at all. After that, the subscription plans of CocoFax are lovely; with a low monthly subscription, you get enough incoming and outgoing fax pages to handle all your needs. We compared it to various online fax services, and CocoFax’s plans became the best value for money.

CocoFax Advantages

Portability: CocoFax can use your cellphone to send a fax, even when taking a walk in the park.Savings: CocoFax eliminates all running or operating costs by offering a to-the-point fax solution with a cheap monthly subscription.Reliability: CocoFax scores very high for being reliable. You won’t be missing any faxes, and there will be no server downsides on CocoFax’s end.Receiving Faxes 24×7: CocoFax receives your faxes all the time, whether your devices are switched on or off.


When it arrives in sending and accepting faxes online, there is nothing better than CocoFax. It is the best service that we have seen in a long time, and by the looks of it, CocoFax is going to be a leading fax service provider for a long time. There are, of course, many other advantages of using CocoFax. However, it is best to explore the rest through the free trial that CocoFax offers. Therefore, go forward and adopt CocoFax without anxiety.

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