How Cloud Computing Can Benefit Your Business

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is an incredibly versatile service that is becoming broader in its potential application as time goes on. For home users, cloud computing is usually associated with remote data storage and access, and this is probably its most common usage.

However, cloud computing is capable of much more. For example, cloud computers can not only store data but also analyse and manipulate it before returning results to the userís computer. This means that in some circumstances, the cloud can accept a task or series of tasks from a client computer and perform the specified tasks faster than the client would be able to. The only limiting factor is the speed of data transfer between each machine.


Cloud computing allows different departments within the same organisation to share data easily and access that data remotely. Cloud computers can also be employed to relieve the burden from internal computer systems and simple tasks can be delegated to the cloud. Data analytics is an example of a task that can take a long time to complete (on the timescale of months rather than seconds) and this kind of task is perfectly suited to the cloud. Being able to exchange information between departments within your own company, as well as sharing them with any external organisations you work with, saves time and therefore money.

Cloud services also allow businesses to save money by automating certain jobs that would have previously required a fully salaried position. By combining cloud services with database capabilities, you can write a script to search for a list of e-mail addresses using theemailfinder.co and then have the list returned automatically formatted into a database and analysed.


Using the cloud for storage not only offers convenient remote access it also equates to constant, automatic live backups. This is something that used to require a reasonable investment in infrastructure from the company, but using a cloud service is much cheaper. A robust data backup and retrieval infrastructure cost money to set up and to continue to operate. Sometimes this is a major stumbling block for smaller businesses, as these expenses represent a larger chunk of their available cash flow. In fact, small businesses are now more likely than their larger counterparts to employ a cloud-based data backup and recovery system.

Cloud Computing Certification

Cloud computing is a model used for delivering storage space, computing power, applications, and other such resources on demand. The best part about this model is that it is based on the pay-as-you-go service that promoted agility and speed in IT operations. With more and more organizations shifting to the cloud, the need for complicated, on-premises equipment has been reduced and even eliminated. But, these organizations still need professionals who can handle cloud computing for them and this is where Cloud Computing certification comes into play. Through this program, you will learn about everything you need to know to facilitate a smooth transformation to the cloud. 

Saving Money

There are numerous ways a cloud service can save your business money. For one thing, it saves you money on hardware as your cloud subscription covers the cost of making use of the hostís hardware.  And for another, many cloud services are operating on server-side computers that are much more powerful than those most of us would use. Cloud computing makes remote access simple and easy, which means your employees can work remotely and your technical support doesnít need to be on-site. This makes identifying and fixing any technical issues faster and easier.

Cloud computing is a growing industry, which is just beginning to reach maturity, and with internet connection speeds always improving, the capabilities of cloud-based systems are constantly increasing.