How do I Clear History on my Phone : Easy way out

How do I clear history on my phone can be tricky at times. But taking the following steps will definitely going to help solve the problem.

As iPhone stores a lot of data of anything that you do. Usually the history make things easier for you, like when you want to track down a website visited by you some days back or finding a call that was missed while you were away from your phone.

If you do not want anybody to see what you have seen, you can clear the history for all the services on iPhone, or delete everything completely from:-

  • Safari Browsing History
  • Chrome Browsing History
  • Call History
  • iMessage History
  • Keyboard History
  • Google Search App
  • Erasing All Data

Safari Browsing History

Open the Settings app. This will clear browsing history from the Settings app, not from the Safari app. Delete browsing history in Safari by removing any auto fill information or cookies. Clearing history through the Settings app will definitely delete everything.

Scroll down and tap “Safari.” It is laced in the fifth group of options.

Scroll down in the Safari menu to tap “Clear History and Website Data.” A window will pop up to confirm. When button is grayed-out, you’ll require to disable website restrictions. After that return to the Settings menu and select “Restrictions.” Enter restrictions passcode then tap “Websites.” Tap “All Websites” to permit clearing history. You won’t be able to clear the history in case you do not have restrictions passcode,.

Confirm to delete the history. Safari browsing history, cache, autofill, and cookies will be deleted. Browsing history will also be deleted on any other devices signed into with iCloud account.

Chrome Browsing History

Open the Chrome app. While using Chrome on iPhone, clear the browsing history from within the Chrome app itself.

Tap the Menu button (?) and select “Settings” to scroll down to see it.

Tap the “Privacy” option for a new menu to appear with a variety of reset options.

Tap “Clear Browsing History” to clear history to confirm to delete it.

Tap “Clear All” to delete all browsing data along with clear history, cache, site data, and cookies.

Tap “Clear Saved Autofill Form Data” to remove autofill information to clear out the suggestions that appear while selecting text fields

Call History

Open the Phone app. Delete call history that appear on the Recents list.

Tap the “Recents” tab that displays a list of recent calls that were made and received.

Tap “Edit” in the upper-right corner with red minus signs to appear next to each call in the log.

Tap a red minus to delete a single entry for tapping the minus sign next to an entry will delete it.

Tap “Clear” to delete all of the entries at once for deleting the whole list, tap “Clear” in the upper-left corner appearing after you’ve tapped “Edit.” All of the entries in the Recents tab will be deleted.

iMessage History

Open the Messages app to delete text message conversations using the Messages app.

Tap the “Edit” button to be found in the upper-left corner.

Select each conversation to delete by tapping the checkbox for each conversation to remove selected multiple conversations.

Tap “Delete” after selecting conversations to start deletion without confirmation.

Change your message history settings. By default, Messages will store all messages forever and to change settings to only keep messages for a year or for 30 days to free up space and reduce clutter:

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Select “Messages.”
  • Tap “Keep Messages.”
  • Select how long you want to store messages for to automatically delete messages that are older than the new setting.

Keyboard History

Open the Settings app to get rid of words added to iPhone’s autocorrect dictionary from the Settings app.

Select “General”with a list of general iPhone options will open.

Scroll down and tap “Reset.” Various reset options will appear.

Tap “Reset Keyboard Dictionary” to confirm with all of the custom words saved will be deleted.

Google Search App

Open the Google app to clear search history through the app.

Tap the Gear button in the upper-left corner to open the Settings menu.

Scroll down and tap “Privacy” to see active account.

Tap the “Browsing” option to let the “History” section to appear at the top of the screen.

Tap “Clear on-device history” to delete search history still stored with the active Google account.

Erasing All Data

Use option to completely erase iPhone to delete all of the history and data on the iPhone, and set it up as new when the process is complete.

Open the Settings app to erase everything on iPhone, open the Settings app.

Select the “General” option to open iPhone’s general settings.

Scroll down and tap “Reset” to reset options will appear.

Tap “Erase All Content and Settings” to confirm that you wish to completely delete everything.

Wait while iPhone resets as the process may take a little while to complete.

Set up iPhone. As the reset is complete, phone will be taken through the initial setup to restore as new, or restore an iTunes or iCloud backup.